Bihar Government launches Safe City Surveillance scheme for Women Safety from Crimes

Published Date - 27 January 2018 06:40:07 Updated Date - 27 January 2018 06:41:37

The Bihar government has launched Safe City Surveillance Scheme for checking crime against women. It aims to bring all major public places under watch of close-circuit television (CCTV) cameras and improve overall crime control in the state. The scheme has been launched in a phase-wise manner, will commence from capital city Patna. It has specially launched for checking crime against women.

Under this scheme, the state government will install CCTV Cameras at various identified public places of the state. The Bihar Cabinet has given its approval to this scheme. Apart from this, Bihar Government is also appointing new officers at various posts to provide full protection to the women of the state. The primary objective is to provide security and assistance 24*7 to reduce the crime rate.

Details of Bihar Safe City Surveillance Scheme

The important features and highlights of this scheme are as follows:-

  • The state govt. is going to install CCTV cameras at various public places.
  • Under this Safe City Surveillance Scheme, the first district to get covered is Patna. Henceforth, govt. has sanctioned a total sum of Rs 110.68 crore for its successful implementation.
  • Subsequently, for better security and administration of prisons, the state govt. will appoint officers at different posts and different ranks as given below:-

Name of Post

Number of Posts

Deputy Superintendent


Assistant Superintendent


Mukhya Uchch Kakshpal (Chief Senior Warden)


Uchch Kakshpal (Senior Warden)


Kakshpaal (Warden)




  • Accordingly, govt. will provide facilities for better traffic management under Nagar Nigams and towns with population of over 2 lakhs. For this reason, govt. will setup 9 Yatayat thanas (traffic police stations) and also appoint 1485 officers for running those thanas.

The cabinet committee also approves the purchase of 40 new Toyota Innova Crysta to ease the journey of judges of Patna High Court at total cost of 9.09 crore. Furthermore, the state govt. will also provide financial assistance of Rs 25,000 (previously Rs 10,000) to the divorced Muslim women.



  • The scheme has been launched in a phase-wise manner and will commence from the capital city Patna
  • The scheme has specially been launched for checking crimes against women such as harassment, eve-teasing and molestation, snatching incidents and roadside scuffles etc.
  • It will also help in keeping a track of miscreants
  • Under the scheme, all major public places will be under the watch of CCTV cameras, which will be used for traffic management as well as crime control
  • Bihar home department will be the nodal agency for implementation of the surveillance scheme
  • The network of CCTV cameras will be connected to the control room where they will be monitored by policemen around the clock
  • The policemen in the control room will coordinate with their counterparts in field and police stations to alert them about any incidents in the area


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