Har Ghar Bijaly Yojana – Now Free Electricity Connections for All in Bihar

Published Date - 07 September 2017 05:08:34 Updated Date - 07 September 2017 05:51:30

Har Ghar Bijli Yojana is a new scheme under the Nischay Schemes portfolio launched by the state government of Bihar. Chief Minister launched “Har Ghar Bijli Yojana” on 15th November. The state government has directed the agencies and officials to implement the schemes on priority basis.

Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday ticked off another resolve of his saat nischay programme with the project to provide a power connection to every household by 2018.But the opposition Bhartiya Janata Party(BJP)slammed Mr.Kumar for taking credit for a Central government scheme.

Launching the Har Ghar Bijaly yojana ,Mr.Kumar said that ,under the programme free electricity connections will be provided to about 50 lakh households above the poverty line.”The target is to provide free power connections to every households in Bihar in the next two years,by 2018”,he said.Earlier, Mr.Kumar had included this ambitious saat nischay (seven resolves) programme for the development of the state, which he had announced at the time of Assembly poll.

The CM,however,clarified that the aim is to provide free electricity connections to the households,and not free power.”Beneficiaries will have to pay for the power consumed by them “,he said.”An amount of Rs.1,857.50 crore has been set aside by the State government for this purpose . The State government  has undertaking this Herculean task on its own by drawing a loan from the Asian Development Bank”, he adder further.

Mr.Kumar also said that the overall power situation has improved in the State as the per capita consumption of electricity in Bihar has gone up to 258 units from merely 70 units in 2005,and the Statewide demand for electricity has reached 3,769MW per day,up from 700MW in 2005.

Meanwhile ,BJP leader Nand Kishore Yadav slammed the CM,saying he was taking credit for the Central government’s scheme to provide electricity to every household.


The main Aim of Har Ghar Bijaly Yojana:

The main Aim of this scheme is to provide free electricity connections to each and every home in the state. The households which do not have an electricity connection till yet will be included under the scheme. The state government aims to provide electricity connections to 50 Lakh households under the Har Ghar BijalyYojana.

The scheme will be implemented by the year 2018. Har Ghar Bijaly Yojana was the last of the 7 schemes to be launched under the Seven Nischay schemes. About 50% of APL (Above Poverty Line) families in rural Bihar who does not have electricity connections will be covered under the free electricity connection scheme.

The BPL families in the state are already being covered under the Central Government’s Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana.

Cost of Connection under Har Ghar Bijaly Yojana:

The connections under the scheme would be provided for free, no charges will be taken from the beneficiaries. However, the electricity consumption bill will have to be paid by the beneficiaries as usual. In case, someone does not want to take the electricity connection, he/she will have to give it in writing along with the reason.

Har Ghar Bijaly Yojana has been launched in the state to fulfill the promise of bettering power situation in the state and improving the overall lifestyle. The per capita consumption in Bihar has increased from 70 units in 2005 to 258 units at present.

The scheme will surely help brighten many homes and contribute to the overall development of the state of Bihar.






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