1 Crore Students (SC / ST / OBC / Dalit)in Hostels to get Subsidized Wheat & Rice

Published Date - 25 April 2018 05:00:58 Updated Date - 25 April 2018 05:01:57

The central government of India has made an announcement about the new scheme for the students. According to the scheme, students who belong to backward classes will get Rice and Wheat at lower price.

The government will provide 15kg of wheat and rice per month to an estimated 1 crore students in all hostels with at least two-thirds of students from SC, ST, and OBC categories, under a scheme that could cost exchequer upto Rs.4,000cr annually. They will be offered these food grains at BPL price from the central government of India. The scheme will be soon launched for the Nari Niketan, Orphanage, hostels and such places where students are living.

Now the central government will provide grains at BPL rates which is Rs. 4.15 / kg for wheat and Rs. 5.65 / kg for rice. Wheat costs Rs. 24 per kg while rice costs Rs. 32 per kg to the central govt. So, govt. will provide subsidy of Rs. 20 / kg on wheat and Rs. 26 / kg on rice.

This scheme will ensure proper nutrition to students from backward classes so that they can excel in their studies. 15 Kg subsidized wheat and rice scheme will also minimize the food shortage in various hostels. This scheme will lead to the development of socially backward classes.

 Key Features

  • Aim: The scheme will aim at reducing food shortage in many hostels and orphanages. It will be covering students to provide them proper food for survival. It will help them to gain proper nutrition so that they can concentrate on their studies and other educational activities.
  • Benefits: Under this scheme each beneficiary will be able to receive 15 Kg rice & wheat in a month at lower price. Basically, prices that are quoted for people below the poverty line will be quoted under this scheme as well.
  • Beneficiary: Students who are belonging to Dalit, Scheduled caste, Scheduled Tribe and other backward classes will be benefitted under the scheme. Those students who are financially restricted and belong to mentioned categories will be eligible for the scheme. This scheme will cover 1 Cr students across the nation.
  • Budget: The central government of India will bear the entire cost of this scheme. As per the authority, the government will bear Rs. 4000 Cr for this scheme. It will be phase based scheme.
  • Phases: As mentioned, that the scheme will be implemented on the basis of phases. In the first phase, there will be 8 states in India that will be covered. They are Nagaland, Tripura, Karnataka, Telangana, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.
  • Amount of Food grain: The government will allocate or utilise more than 13 Lac tonnes of food grains for this scheme. The allocation will be not more than 5% for the previously started schemes for BPL and Antodyaya Anna Yojana.

15 KG Wheat & Rice for SC/ST/OBC/Dalit Students

Under this scheme, the central government will provide wheat and rice to the students at  BPL rates i.e. Rs. 4.15 / kg for wheat and Rs. 5.65 / kg for rice. While in the market, Wheat costs Rs. 24 per kg while rice costs Rs. 32 per kg. In this way, the central government will provide a subsidy of Rs. 20 / kg on wheat and Rs. 26 / kg on rice.

Through this scheme, the proper nutrition of students belonging to backward classes will be ensured so that they can excel in their studies. These 15 Kg subsidized wheat and rice scheme will also reduce the shortage of in various hostels. It will also help to develop the socially backward classes.

Central govt. is already providing subsidized foodgrains to around 80 crore people under National Food Security Act. Under NFSA, every person is entitled for 5 kg food grains per month at Rs. 1 to Rs. 3 per kg which costs Rs. 1.5 lakh crore p.a to central govt.

Places of implementation

  • Hostels, Nari Niketan and Orphanages will be considered under this scheme. For the students who are living in Ambedkar Hostels will be provided benefits under this scheme. Ambedkar Hostels contain 100% SC or ST students.
  • Those hostels where 2/3rd of the students belong to SC, ST, OBC or minority categories will also be eligible for the scheme. According to the authority, students belonging to the general category and living in such hostels will also get benefitted under this scheme.
  • According to the central government, each student will get wheat at Rs. 4.15/- per Kg and Rice at Rs. 5.65/- per Kg. They will get 15 Kg per month.
  • The market price of wheat is Rs. 24/- per Kg and the market price of rice is Rs. 32/- per Kg. The central government is providing at least Rs. 20/- per Kg subsidy on wheat and Rs. 26/- per Kg on rice under the scheme.

BPL Price

Under National Food Security Scheme, beneficiaries get food grains at Re. 1/- per Kg and maximum amount they spend is Rs. 3/- per Kg. However, they receive only 5 Kg per month unlike this new scheme where 15 Kgs will be provided.


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