Aadhaar Linking Deadline for Welfare Schemes & Pan Card Extended till June 30 by CBDT

Published Date - 29 March 2018 01:20:45 Updated Date - 29 March 2018 01:21:53

The Aadhaar linking deadline, for which the Supreme Court refused to pass an interim order, has also been extended by 3 months to June 30. On Tuesday, the deadline for linking Aadhaar with Pan card was also extended to June 30. The Aadhaar matter is being currently heard in the Supreme Court over privacy and constitutionality issue. This move is a big relief to people who have not obtained or linked the Aadhaar card.

In an official order, the CBDT extended the deadline for Aadhaar-Pan linking until June 30. Earlier, the deadline was March 31. The extension of deadline comes as a major relief to people who are yet to obtain or their Aadhaar cards. The new deadline for other services like bank accounts and phone numbers have not been announced yet.

Welfare schemes are those where benefits are transferred to citizens from the Consolidated Fund of India. The Supreme Court on March 13 had extended the deadline for linking Aadhaar card for services such as bank accounts, phone numbers and tatkal passports infinitely, saying that the matter is sub-judice in court.

The government had first made it mandatory to link Aadhaar number with PAN till July 1, 2017. It first extended it to August 31, 2017, and then to December 31, 2017, citing difficulties faced by taxpayers.

As many taxpayers had not completed the linking of PAN with Aadhaar even till December 31, the government extended the deadline till March 31 this year.

Last week, the government had also extended the last date for re-verification of mobile connections through Aadhaar based E-KYC process till the Supreme Court's verdict.

Welfare Schemes are those whose benefits are transferred to citizens through Consolidated Fund of India. However Aadhar linking with mobile numbers, Bank Accounts and Tatkal Passports last date is extended by SC indefinitely till final judgement (13 March 2018).

SC is currently hearing pleas on Aadhaar matter over privacy issue and its constitutional validity.

Aadhaar Linking Deadline

SC on 13 March has extended the deadline for linking aadhaar card with bank accounts, mobile numbers and tatkal passports. However, SC has not extended the Aadhaar linking deadline for welfare schemes as the benefits of these schemes are transferred to citizens through Consolidated Fund of India. People must note the aadhaar linking last date as it stands after 28 March 2018 decision of SC:-


Aadhar Linking Last Date

PAN Card

30 June 2018

Bank Accounts

Till Final Judgement

Mobile Numbers

Till Final Judgement

Welfare Schemes

30 June 2018

Tatkal Passports

Till Final Judgement

Also SC refused to pass an interim order on welfare schemes on 28 March 2018 and central govt. is given the authority to select last date for linking welfare schemes. So, central govt. keeping in view the difficulty faced by the people is giving more time (3 months) to link their Aadhaar Cards to avail the benefits of schemes.

On 27 March 2018, CBDT also extends the Aadhaar PAN Linking deadline till 30 June 2018. Aadhar PAN Linking is mandatory under the Law while this is not the case with other services. In July 2017, Modi govt. under Section 139 AA (2) of the Income Tax Act made it mandatory for every person having PAN (as on 1 July 2017) and eligible to obtain Aadhaar to compulsorily intimate his Aadhaar number to tax authorities.

5 Judge bench of SC says that central govt. cannot force people to link Aadhaar Card till the final decision comes on petitions challenging the constitutional validity of biometric system and thus enabling law. As per central govt., Aadhar Linking will bring transparency, weed out black money and help in direct benefit transfer to poor.



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