Buy “Exam Warriors” Narendra Modi Book Online at Rs. 100 to Encourage your Children

Published Date - 13 February 2018 08:42:33 Updated Date - 13 February 2018 08:43:07

Exams can be a time when children get most stressed due to lack of preparations. Most students even get depressed during this time, and take drastic step. Keeping this in mind Prime Minister Narendra Modi has offered his perception related to exams in the form of a book for children. The book aims at encouraging children to treat exams with a lot more ease and overcome the stress on account of it.

People can make online purchase of this book for management of stress and staying calm during their examinations. This book is a fundamental to PM’s vision for youth driven and youth-led tomorrow. This NaMo Book is a must go to book for students who are going to take class X and XII board or other competitive examinations.

This Narendra Modi Book is non-preachy, practical, thought provoking and inspirational book which is written in fun and an interactive style. This handbook has 208 pages and has total 25 chapters / mantras to fight pressure and anxiety during examinations.


Launch Details

The book “Exam Warriors” has been written by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and is available for children to purchase online over the internet. The Distributors of the book have ensured that it can be purchased via various e-commerce sites at just Rs 100. The book (5th edition) has officially been published by Penguin Publishers.

Key features

  • According to the sources the book will prove helpful for anyone who wants to overcome the stress built up at the time of exams. It introduces you to various ways that can be followed to help maintain a calm mental status.
  • The book is also considered as PM’s vision towards the nations youth and visions related to the way the youth is supposed to guide the nation in the coming years.
  • The PM has also stated that the book will be a must to read for each of the student within the country to appear for the Government Board exams for grade 10th and 12th. It will also prove helpful in guiding right guidance for students who are preparing for other competitive exams.

Exam Warriors – About the Book

  • According to the author Narendra Modi the book is a very much inspirational to the students of all ages. It is also non-provoking type and offers with a lot of interactive teachings. The 208 page book has 25 mantras or lessons that offer with guidelines to overcome anxiety and pressure built in mind on account of the examination during pre and post stages.
  • The book also offers with alternative remedies that each student can follow to help calm mental status including activities like yoga and other. The book also offers with guidelines for students to help treat exams just like activities and fun like festive season and fight it or enjoy it just like a young warrior.
  • Apart from this the book also focuses on offering education values like getting started with the preparation procedure via focus and enjoy the daily playing activities too, even during exams.
  • The book also guides the students through understanding the importance of preparation and revisions at the time of exams and how students are expected to follow the right method for being prepared. This will also encourage the students to learn for exams and not to try and cheat at the time of exam.
  • For students who are overwhelmed with stress on account of exams are often guided about the importance of avoiding such situations for scoring better marks.

How to buy book online

The book can be purchased on Flipkart and Amazon for Just Rs 90 while when purchasing from Paytm you may have to spend around Rs 100.

Buy Exam Warriors Narendra Modi Book Online

This book consists of various illustrations, activities and yoga exercises. Accordingly, NaMo book will act as a friend of the students to excel in their exams. NaMo book is available at various e-commerce websites, so people can purchase this book through the links given below:-
Amazon – Exam Warrior Book (Rs. 90)
Flipkart – Exam Warrior Book (Rs. 90)
Paytm – Exam Warrior Book (Rs. 100)
This book will serve as a great companion for students in India. This is the 5th book of PM Narendra Modi and is published by Penguin India.


Author Biography

  • The author of the book “Exam Warriors” is the Prime Minister of the nation – Narendra Modi whose main focus is to help students within the educational sector and to buy a strong nation ahead. He has been working on improving the social and economic status of the nation on the global platform.
  • The author also aims at upgrading the youth empowerment nationwide so they can be inspired and motivated to offer with their contributions towards a healthy nation. To ensue this the PM has also selected “Man Ki Baat” platform to directly speak and convey ideas to the youth.

An exam warrior is not just a book, but is a very fair message of the PM towards the youth of the nation. It delivers the message of stress management at the time of need.


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