CBSE to Adopt New Question Paper Pattern for Class 10th & 12th from 2020

Published Date - 29 August 2018 02:58:27 Updated Date - 29 August 2018 02:59:19

CBSE board exam: After adopting a new system for the distribution of board exam papers in examination halls in a bid to clamp down on incidents of paper leaks, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is now said to be planning a revamp of the paper pattern for classes 10 and 12.


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is planning to revamp the exam pattern in 2020 for classes X, XII. 
According to a report in The Times of India, vocational subject tests will take place in February and the main subjects towards the end of March. 

The idea is to have more time for evaluation. The new question papers will lay emphasis on analytical thinking, problem-solving and reducing the scope of rote learning. 

The change was in the works as the Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar had expressed his intention to rid the education system of rote learning. 

While addressing students at the Gunn Gaurav Samman Samaroh, which was organised by the CBSE, Javadekar said “education is not about rote learning”, and emphasised the fact that education is the ability to understand and analyse. 

Among other changes, the Board is reported to have submitted new bylaws, which argue for simplified affiliation processes. The Times of India reported that focus would be on academic quality of schools seeking affiliation, and the state government would be entrusted to evaluate school facilities.

The process of new bylaws will take about four months, but the sample papers to be uploaded on the CBSE website for the year 2020 will reflect the changes.
CBSE New Exam Pattern for Class 10th and 12th will test students on the basis of their analytical abilities. Now the question papers will include more short questions between 1 to 5 marks. This will be helpful in reducing the scope of rote (ratta) learning.

Special emphasis would be given on testing thinking abilities of students. New exam pattern is specifically designed to test actual learning outcomes rather than letting students score higher marks by the virtue of rote.

CBSE New Exam Pattern (Question Paper) for Class 10th & 12th

New Question Papers under the proposed examination pattern for Class X & XII will be more problem solving and analytical. These questions will focus on measuring the critical thinking ability of students. There will be more short questions of 1 marks to 5 marks in which students needs to provide specific (point to point) answers.

There are various changes even in the examination schedule. As per the MHRD Sources, CBSE is likely to schedule the Board Examinations of Class 10th & 12th in 2 parts – Vocational & Non-Vocational subjects. The exams for Vocational Subjects where the number of students is lower will be held in the month of February.

The Main (Non-Vocational) subjects exam will be completed in around 15 days in the month of March itself. This will give more time for evaluation and to declare the results earlier.

CBSE By-Laws (New) for Affiliation

The board has already submitted New CBSE By-Laws to the ministry for approval. Now the focus during affiliation / renewal of schools will be on academic quality. For infrastructure inspection in schools, reports of the recognizing authorities will be taken into consideration including respective state education departments. These proposals will take another 3 to 4 months to crystallize. However, CBSE is already working towards making changes in pattern of questions from 2020.

CBSE will also change its bylaws which will impact the rules for affiliation for schools. These proposed bylaws will emphasize on academic quality of schools like quality of teachers, learning outcomes and pedagogy. Board will not conduct any inspection of the school physical infrastructure. Now, it will depend on reports of directorates of education / school education departments of states which provides recognition to schools.

Proposals regarding the examination schedule are still at discussion stage and nothing has been crystallized so far. State govt. and other agencies holds inspection during the process to grant recognition to schools. Now, this would not be case as it is a complete wastage of time and resources. CBSE will completely focus on utilizing its resources to measure the academic quality


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