Central Govt. Launches Driving Training Centre Scheme for Driver Skills & Employment

Published Date - 08 March 2018 02:58:52 Updated Date - 15 April 2018 02:21:44

Indian Central Government has always taken a lot of steps to ensure safer road conditions in the country. It can be noticed that most of the road accidents and traffic in the road are caused by the drivers who are unaware of traffic rules. If the drivers are trained properly, it will be easier for the government to ensure safer roads. With this objective in mind, the Central government of India has launched Driving Training Center scheme for the drivers. Under this scheme, the government will provide training facilities to the Indian drivers. It will also ensure more employment opportunities are created in the country.  The scheme was included in the Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill of 2017.

Details of Driving Training Centre Scheme

Name of the Scheme

Driving Training Center Scheme (DTC)

Launched and Supervised By

Central Government of Indi

Announcement Date

2017 (Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill)

Launching Date

7 March, 2018

Launching Location

Transport Bhawan, New Delhi

End Date

31 March, 2020

Target Audience


Under this scheme, govt. will set up standards and also monitor driver training. In addition to this, govt. will now issue Driving License on the basis of an objective scientific process of testing skills.

Central govt. will provide financial assistance of 50% of Project Cost (upto max Rs. 1 crore) to open Driving Training Center. Union Minister, Nitin Gadkari has launched this scheme on 7 March 2018 at the Transport Bhawan, New Delhi.

Driving Training Center Scheme Application Form

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is inviting application forms for DTC Scheme. All the candidates will have to fill the application form to get financial assistance for setting up Driving Training Center.

  • Candidates can download application Form through offline mode in notification as given below:-
    Driving Center Scheme Official Notification
  • Accordingly, Driving Training Center Scheme Application Form will appear
  • Moreover, candidates can also download the Authorization Certification for DTC Scheme through the official notification as specified above.

Furthermore, candidates must submit these application forms in the specified timelines to seek financial assistance.

Driving Training Centre Scheme – Objectives & Concept

DTC Scheme is launched by central govt. in order to achieve the following objectives:-

  1. To provide financial support to private participants for setting up of Driving Training Centers.
  2. Accordingly, to provide high level training to commercial vehicle drivers to improve roads and environment safety.

Driving Training Center (DTC) is a skill development initiative which consists of physical infrastructure (land, simulators, vehicles, workshops). Under this scheme, govt. will provide skill training compatible to the standards of National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF).

Nationwide Driving Training Centre Scheme – Features

The important features and highlights of this schemes are as follows:-

  • Central govt. will make use of latest technology like Driving Simulators for driver’s training.
  • Subsequently, DTC Scheme will consists of driving tracks with sensors.
  • Accordingly, trainees can mark their attendance through use of Biometric System
  • Under this scheme, govt. will use Light Motor Vehicles (LMV) and Heavy Motor Vehicles (HMV) for training purposes.
  • Moreover, govt. will provide financial assistance to open Driving Training Centers. However, priority is being given to open training center in Kaushal Vikas Yojana centers of the government
  • Furthermore, RTO can use the nearest center to test the skills of a driver before grant of Driving Licence (DL).



Key Features         

  • Simulators: DTC will use simulators to train the drivers under this scheme. The simulators will ensure that the trained drivers are able to drive on any condition and on any type of road.
  • NSQF Framework: DTC will train the drivers according to the National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF). Thus Driving Training Center Scheme will be able to ensure quality training has been given to the drivers under a suitable framework.
  • Technology Based Centers: DTC will provide several technology features to ensure that the drivers are being marked with the help of a computer. This will eradicate the possibility of human error and will also decrease corruption. The authorities will ensure sensors are being provided in the driving tracks to properly monitor the driving skills of the drivers.
  • Vehicles: Central Government of India will use two types of vehicles under Driving Training Center scheme. One of them will be LMV (Light Motor vehicle) and the other one will be HMV (Heavy Motor Vehicles). Both the vehicles will ensure better performance.
  • Government Aid: The government is going to provide financial aid to develop a physical infrastructure. The centers will be provided with help by the government although the main focus will be to provide aid to the centers which are already providing training to the drivers.
  • Driving License Technology System: The most unique feature of the scheme is that it will provide driving license to the drivers with the help of a technology based system. The drivers will be tested according to an objective scientific process. RTO will be eligible to use any of the nearest centers in this case to provide license to the drivers with the help of technology.
  • Employment Opportunities: Besides providing training facilities to the drivers, this scheme will also create an employment opportunity for the drivers which will encourage more drivers to take training from the centers.



  • Organizations: All the NGOs, Trusts, Cooperative Societies, Vehicle Manufacturers, Firms, State Undertakings and other agencies will be eligible to apply under this scheme. If these centers are registered with the central or state government, they will be provided with the opportunity of setting up driving training centers.
  • Darpan Portal: In case a NGO is applying for the DTC scheme, they will have to ensure they are registered on the Darpan portal of NITI Aayog. It will be used to verify them and if they are not registered, they won’t be eligible for DTC Scheme.
  • Financial Capability: All the agencies will have to provide necessary details to the government about their financial capability to set up this scheme. In case an agency fails to provide details of their financial capability, they will be ineligible for the scheme. Also, the agencies will have to show their interest towards the scheme.


  • Government Aid: The government will contribute 50 percent (Up to 1 crore INR) of the total amount for setting up driving training centers in the country. The government will provide the funding to create the physical infrastructure and add technological features in the centers.
  • Non-Government Aid: The centers will have to carry out the rest of their expenses on their own. In this case, the centers will also be able to take help from any non-governmental organizations.




Before setting up the driving training centers, an applicant must be aware of the physical infrastructure which will be required in the driving training centers. We will provide details about the infrastructure below.

  • Land Details: The agencies will have to ensure that the driving training centers are set up on 2 acres of land and the land must be owned or leased by the agency.
  • Class Rooms: The agencies will have to ensure that there are at least two classrooms in the driving training center so that theoretical teaching may be provided to the students. Also, the agencies will have to ensure that multimedia and projectors are there to ensure technology based teaching.
  • Simulators and Vehicles: Both Light Motor Vehicles and Heavy Motor Vehicles must be available with dual control in the center. Also simulators must be provided to the drivers in both the vehicles.
  • Broadband & Bio-Metric: The driving training center will be obliged to have broadband internet facilities and also it must have bio-metric system so that the attendance of the drivers may be counted.
  • Driving Track: Spacious driving tracks must be provided to teach drivers about certain driving skills such as reverse driving, driving on slopes, etc. Also there must be enough space to teach parking methods to the drivers.
  • Workshop & Staff Resources: Workshops and exhibits must be arranged by the training centers and the centers will also have to ensure there are enough staff resources in the IT, Teaching sector to run the centers properly.
  • Toilets & Other Facilities: The agencies will have to ensure there are enough staffs for cleaning. The agencies will also have to create separate toilets for both men and women and they will also need to take care of other facilities whenever in need.


Important Dates

  • Last Date of Scheme: The scheme was launched on 7 March, 2018 and it will continue till 31 March, 2020. No centers will be provided financial assistance after 31 March, 2020.
  • Last Date of Project Completion: All the beneficiaries under this scheme will have to complete their projects and make it operational before 31 December, 2019. If anybody fails to do this, they will not be eligible for the total amount of the financial assistance.
  • Last Date of First Set of Applications: The first set of applications will be taken by the government until 30 April, 2018. After that no applications will be taken under the first set and the government will select eligible candidates within 31 May, 2018.


— For complete details of Driving Training Center Scheme, please see the official notification as specified above.
— For any further assistance, visit the official website – http://morth.nic.in/





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