Indian Railways Launch “Mission Satyanishtha” –A Program on Ethics in Public Governance

Published Date - 28 July 2018 02:10:29 Updated Date - 28 July 2018 02:11:31

Indian Railways has launched Mission Satyanishtha as a first-of-its-kind event by any govt. organization. This is a programme on Ethics in Public Governance. Lack of Interest towards the work in any system is an unethical behaviour which amount to corruption. So to ensure ethics towards work in Railways, Mr. Piyush Goyal has administered oath to Railway officers and supervisors at the programme.

Speaking on the occasion the MR said, “People define an organisation and an organisation defines its people, hence, work culture has to be improved and transparency brought about, data should be displayed on public domains so as to get constructive feedbacks from the users”. He further added “Lack of interest towards work in any system, may be termed as unethical amounting to corruption”.

The issue of Ethics, Integrity and probity in public life have been a matter of concern all over the government sector. In this context it is also extremely important that all railway servants adhere to impeccable conduct and integrity at all times. “Mission Satyanishtha” launched on July 27 aims at sensitizing all railway employees about the need to adhere to good ethics and to maintain high standards of integrity at work. Talks and Lectures on the subject were organised for staff and Officers of Indian Railways on Friday for this purpose.

By this initiative, staff members and officials of Indian Railways will get to know about the value and need of ethics in their Personal and Public life. Employees plays a vital role in the well developed rail network across the country.In all govt. sectors, issue of Ethics, Integrity and probity had been a matter of concern.

So, to ensure moral values, govt. has started this mission. Ministry of Railways has launched this initiative at an event held at National Rail Museum, New Delhi on 27 July 2018

Main Objective of Mission Satyanishtha 2018 :

People makes an organization and organization defines its people. Accordingly, the govt. has the responsibility to improve the work culture and to bring in transparency in work. Data must be displayed on public domain in order to get constructive feedback from their users. This initiative will play a vital role in reducing corruption. The objectives of the Mission Satyanishtha are as follows:-

  • To provide training to every employee so that they can understand the need and value of ethics on Personal and Public life.
  • Dealing efficiently with ethical dilemmas in life and public governance.
  • Understanding the policies of Indian Railways on ethics and integrity and employees role in upholding these values.
  • Development of inner governance through tapping inner resources.

From now onward, all the railways employees must follow an impeccable conduct and integrity at all times. Mission Satyanishtha 2018 will sensitize all railway employees and inform them on the need to adhere to good ethics and to maintain integrity at work.

Chairman of Railway Board, Sh. Ashwani Lohani has marked the launch of the event and introduced the subject to its participants. Various Staff members and Senior Officers of Indian Railways has participated in the event. Moreover, event was webcast live to all zonal, divisional and production units from National Rail Museum.

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