IRCTC (Indian Railways) WhatsApp Number ─Now Passengers to Get Live Train Status Through WhatsApp

Published Date - 23 July 2018 10:58:53 Updated Date - 23 July 2018 11:00:11

Indian railways have been taking various initiatives to improve passenger amenities despite facing financial constraints. To ease the woes of commuters, the public transporter has launched a WhatsApp number i.e. 7349389104 through which passengers can know current running status of trains. Passengers have to first save this number in their contact list and later they will have to send the train number for which the inquiry is required. Subsequently, they will receive updated information pertaining to the status of the train. This service is available in addition to the number 139 through which passengers can know about the running status of trains.

Aarti Singh Parihar, Senior Divisional Commercial Manager of Western Railways said that the common passengers need to be updated about the running status of trains; hence, railways have launched this number. “Our endeavour is to provide better amenities to passengers. This is a very useful facility for commuters and they have appreciated it,” she said.

“This service is centralised and it is not being done at the local level. All of us have heard about National Train Inquiry System and its services are centralised. It is a system generated service sans manual intervention,” she added.

Earlier railways had received several complaints from passengers for their inability to know about the status of running trains. Passengers have to undergo hardships if trains reach late after the scheduled arrival time as stations become overcrowded. Trains often get late due to various factors like signal failure, accidents, fog etc. Some trains even get cancelled but passengers remain in dark about the status of trains.

Many times they make inquiries about the status of train on inquiry counters but they fail to get proper feedback from the officials. For resolving this issue, railways have started WhatsApp number for the benefit of commuters. Thus, commuters can now easily obtain the status of running of trains through their mobile phones.

How to Know the Live Status of Train Using WhatsApp Number

Below is the complete step by step procedure to know the live status of train using the Indian Railways WhatsApp number.

STEP 1: Save IRCTC WhatsApp Number 7349389104 in your contact list on your smartphone.
STEP 2: Open Your “WhatsApp” application and search for the name at which the WhatsApp Number of Indian Railways is saved and tap it to start WhatsApp Chat.
STEP 3: Just type the train number in the WhatsApp chat box and hit Send button.
STEP 4: Within Seconds You Will Receive WhatsApp message with the train status updates

Indian Railways has recently introduced 4 services other than the WhatsApp number as given below.
1. Bio-toilets: It has been introduced to human excreta to be thrown on tracks. All the trains will have bio-toilets by the year 2019.
2. IRCTC-iPay: This is Indian Railway’s own payment gateway service which will be launched soon. IRCTC-iPay is also expected reduce the refund time upon train ticket cancellation.
3. Repainting: The government is re-painting the coached to beige and brown colour scheme instead of earlier blue color scheme.
4. e-catering: Passengers can order meal online at a price fixed by the Railways.

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