IRCTC Rail Madad App – Register Your Complaint Online & Check MRP Before Ordering Food On Trains !

Published Date - 12 June 2018 02:24:59 Updated Date - 12 June 2018 02:26:16

The Rail ‘Madad’ (Mobile Application for Desired Assistance During travel) app, allows passengers to lodge complaints through mobile applications or the web, and also allows them to check feedback on the status of their complaint, in real time. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd. (IRCTC) has launched a new “Rail Madad” Mobile App. Through this app, all the passengers can register their complaint online for Train / Station. RPGRAMS (Railway Passenger Grievance Redressal and Management System) has developed this mobile application to resolve passenger grievances and to provide real time feedback to all passengers.

MADAD Stands for “Mobile Application for Desired Assistance During Travel”. All the passengers can download this 4.85 MB app from the Google Playstore. All passengers on registration at mobile app will get Instant ID through SMS on complaint registration. This is followed by a customized SMS communicating the action taken by Indian Railways.

RPGRAMS will integrate all the complaints of the passengers which are received from multiple modes (14 offline / online modes) on a single platform. Railway Officials will analyze them, generate management reports and evaluate the performance of field units / trains / stations on several parameters like cleanliness, catering, amenities etc.

1. The app uses minimum inputs to register a complaint and issues a unique ID, relaying the complaining online to relevant officials for immediate action, simultaneously.

2. After the necessary action has been taken on the complaint, the passenger is updated via SMS.

3. The app displays relevant helpline numbers, like a security helpline, child helpline, etc., and even allows for direct calling facility, for immediate assistance.

4. Different modes of filing complaints, including online and offline modes, are being integrated into a single platform.

This app intends to spread awareness among passengers about the menu options on various trains and stations, along with their rates. IRCTC also wants to ensure that caterers do not overcharge the passengers.

1. This app will display the menu served in Mail/Express trains including Humsafar Trains, Rajdhani Trains, Shatabdi Trains, Duronto Trains, Gatiman Express and the Tejas Express.

2. Food items on the app, are categorised into four categories: beverages, breakfast, meals and a-la-carte.

3. This app will display the prices of beverages (like tea, packaged drinking water, and coffee) as well as the rail meals, the Janata khana, Standard veg (Thali), standard non-veg (thali), standard veg-thali (casserole) and Standard Non-veg (Casserole), for trains as well as railway stations.

4. The a-la-carte category includes 96 food items. These are categorised into breakfast, light meals, combo meals, non-veg, diabetic foods, Jain food, sweets, etc.

5. There are also pre-booked meals, separately displayed, for EC and CC classes in case of Shatabdi trains, and 1A, 2A and 3A classes for Rajdhani and Duronto trains. There are also food items for sleeper classes in Duronto trains and pre-booked food items in the Gatiman and the Tejas Express. The menu is also provided for trains that are running late.

6. The app is designed to create awareness about food items available on trains, along with their prices. It will also help customers who have pre-booked their meal, to know about the quantity of the food in advance.

Rail Madad App – How to Register Your Complaint Online for Train & Station

Rail MADAD App registers a complaint with minimum inputs from passenger, issues unique ID instantly and transfers complaint online to concerned officials for immediate action. This Digital India Initiative also provides info. about the action taken on complaint to passenger through SMS. The complete procedure to make complaint registration for train and station is as follows:-

1. Download / Install Rail Madad App – Registration of Passengers at RPGRAMS

Below is the complete procedure to download and install the Indian Railways New Mobile App and make passengers registration:-

  • Download the 4.5 mb Rail Madad App from the Google Play Store or Apple IOS (IPhone) Store.
  • Direct Link – Candidates can download this app directly through the link – Download Rail Madad App
  • After downloading, install it on your phone to make online complaints. But for this purpose, passengers will have to make registration on the downloaded app

Enter Name & Mobile Number and click at “Get OTP” button. Verify the OTP and click at “Register” button to make passenger registration on the mobile app successful. A new page of Indian Railways Grievance Redressal App will then open 

On this page, passengers can make complaint registration for Train, Station, Check Helpline Number, Summary of Complaints Resolution for last 3 months over Indian Railways, Complaint Resolution Summary for Train / Station, Major Complaint Types for Train / Station, Zone Wise Analysis, Top 5 Shatabadi & Rajdhani with Minimum / Maximum Complaints.

2. Make Registration of Your Complaint Online for Train at Rail Madad App

All the passengers can now make registration of their complaint regarding Train issues online at the “Rail Madad” App. For this, they have to click at the “Register My Complaint For Train” tab. The Passenger Complaint Registration Form for complaints regarding Trains will appear on the screen.

3. Make Registration of Your Complaint Online for Station Grievances

People can also make online registration of their complaint regarding Station issues. For this, click at the “Register My Complaint For Station“. The Passenger Complaint Registration Form for complaints regarding Stations will appear on the screen

Helpline Number of Indian Railways

Rail MADAD mobile app displays various helpline numbers and provides direct calling facility for immediate assistance in one easy step. The Phone Numbers / Railway Helpline Numbers for assistance to passengers during travel are given as follows:-

Phone Number



Medical Helpline




RPF Helpline


Child Helpline


Train Accident Helpline


Women’s Helpline


Vigilance Helpline


Clean My Coach


Catering Complaint

Data Analysis will generate trends on several performance parameters of a selected train / station like cleanliness, amenities and other things. Hierarchy based dashboard / reports will be available for management at Division / Zonal / Railway board level.


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