National E-Mobility Programme – EESL plans fresh tender for additional 10,000 electric cars

Published Date - 08 March 2018 02:22:19 Updated Date - 08 March 2018 02:23:51

Minister of Power, New and Renewable Energy, R K Singh has launched the National E-Mobility Programme in India. In line with the Government of India’s vision of 100 percent e-mobility by 2030, Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) will issue a fresh tender for additional 10,000 e-vehicles, the Minister announced.

EESL concluded the first tender for procuring 10,000 e-vehicles last year. Following the successful completion of the first tender, EESL envisions a growing demand from various government departments. The new tender for 10,000 e-vehicles will cater to this growing demand. With these 20,000 electric cars, India is expected to save over 5 crore litres of fuel every year leading to a reduction of over 560,000 tonnes of annual CO2 emission.

R K Singh, Minister of State for Power, New and Renewable Energy, said, “India has embarked on an ambitious e-mobility plan and the government has taken the lead in enabling e-mobility in India. The National E-Mobility Programme is a step towards ushering in an era of clean, green and future-oriented technologies in the country.”

“After the successful tender of 10,000 electric cars last year, the demand for e-vehicles is constantly rising across various departments of the Union and State Governments. To cater to the growing demand, EESL will issue a fresh tender tomorrow for procuring additional 10,000 electric cars. This second tender is a testimony to the fact that India offers a huge market potential for e-mobility” he added.

Ajay Kumar Bhalla, Secretary, Ministry of Power, said, “E-mobility is a critical aspect of overall achievement of Energy Efficiency and the Government of India is committed towards it. The launch today is a step towards reducing our carbon footprint and promise towards a more sustainable, greener, cleaner future. Adoption of EVs has given India an opportunity to bring together a holistic plan which marries “Make in India” Initiative to promote the indigenous production of e- vehicles and create a booming market for ancillary industries.”

Rajeev Sharma, Chairman, EESL said, “EESL has always been at the forefront of India’s energy efficiency and green initiatives. We are committed to transforming the Indian market with innovative business models and advanced technologies. We are confident that we will replicate the success of our previous path-breaking initiatives in our e-mobility programme. We will continue to enable more energy and fuel savings by creating a robust market for e-mobility in India.”

The objective of the National E-Mobility Programme is to provide an impetus to the entire e-mobility ecosystem including vehicle manufacturers, charging infrastructure companies, fleet operators, service providers, etc. EESL will aggregate demand by procuring electric vehicles in bulk to get economies of scale. These electric vehicles will replace the existing fleet of petrol and diesel vehicles.

EESL plans to leverage efficiencies of scale and drive down costs through its innovative business model while supporting local manufacturing facilities, gaining technical competencies for the long-term growth of the EV industry and enabling Indian EV manufacturers to emerge as major global players.

Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) will implement national electric mobility mission plan to meet demand by procuring electric vehicles in bulk. In the last fiscal year, EESL has procured 10,000 e-vehicles and this year also, EESL will soon issue new tenders for the purchase of 10,000 more electric vehicles. Subsequently, this procurement process will boost economies of sale.

Central govt. will provide momentum to e mobility ecosystem in India which includes vehicle manufacturers, charging infrastructure companies, fleet operators, service providers etc. Moreover, national electric mobility mission plan will also reduce the expensive petroleum imports.

National E-Mobility Programme – Details

The important features and highlights of this new e mobility in India Program are as follows:-

  • This new tender of 10,000 e-vehicles is beneficial for both economy and environment.
  • Accordingly, per kilometer (Km.) cost of an electric car is just Rs. 0.85 under national electric mobility mission plan while this is Rs. 6.5 for a normal petrol or diesel car.
  • Subsequently, motto of national electronic mission is “Healthier World, Healthier Country”.
  • Central govt. is focusing on creating an appropriate charging infrastructure and policy framework. The primary objective Of National E-Mobility Programme is to ensure that more than 30% of vehicles in India are electric vehicles till FY 2030.
  • Moreover, people will not have to take license from any authority to establish charging infrastructure. In addition to this, total tariff would be less than Rs 6 under national electric mobility mission plan.
  • Industries will play an important role as the “future of India is electric”. Most countries have already announced dates to phase out their diesel vehicles. For this reason, govt. is inviting industries to come and invest in manufacturing e-vehicles and batteries.

EESL installation of 50 lakh LED street lights is a massive achievement for energy efficiency on the lines of Paris Summit 2015. This in an era of clean, green and future-oriented technologies and long term goal of this program is to make a better world.

This national electronic mission program will also provide a boost to “Make in India” program. Furthermore, This National Mission for electric mobility will promote the indigenous production of electric vehicles.

About Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL)

EESL is a joint venture of 4 National Public Sector Enterprises – NTPC Limited, PFC, REC and Power-grid. EESL is a Super Energy Service Company (ESCO) set up under Ministry of Power, Government of India. EESL’s mission is to streamline energy efficiency on the principle of more efficiency, more innovation. Moreover, EESL will create market access for efficient and future ready trans-formative solutions to benefit every stakeholder.

Till now, EESL has distributed around 29 crore LED bulbs and installed 50 lakh LED streetlights across the country. EESL works on self sustainable commercial models and is now exploiting new opportunities in abroad for its diversification. Furthermore, EESL has become operational in United Kingdom, South Asia and South-East Asia. The official website of EESL –


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