Sidda Sarkarada Nade Sevegala Kade Scheme for Education & Health care in Karnataka

Published Date - 12 February 2018 05:25:51 Updated Date - 12 February 2018 05:26:26

The Karnataka State government is launching a new scheme in the state. The unused money that remains in the MLA fund will be used to construct schools and anganwadi in the state. The scheme namely Sidda Sarkarada Nade Sevegala Kade has been launched by the state government to introduce some more health care schemes in the state.

Launch Details

The scheme has been launched on Dec 15th 2017. It has been launched by Mr. Siddaramaiah, the Chief Minister of Karnataka. This scheme will be implemented by the Department of Health, Education, Women and Child Welfare. Different departments will implement the scheme in different sectors.

Sidda Sarkarada Nade Sevegala Kade Scheme

The important features and highlights of this programme are as follows:-

  • Karnataka govt. will now utilize the unused Local Area Development funds of the legislators.
  • Subsequently, these funds worth Rs 406 crore are unspent for the past one decade. Henceforth, these are present in the account of Deputy Commissioners of the districts.
  • Accordingly, govt. will now spend money for construction / repair of the classrooms, anganwadi centers and to provide better health services.
  • All the funds lying inoperative under the Legislators Local Area Development Scheme from the duration of 2012-13 will now get utilized.
  • Henceforth, Commissioners will receive guidelines to fully spend the dormant funds for the welfare activities.
  • Henceforth, this is a first of its kind initiative of the state government to utilize LAD funds.
  • Furthermore, now legislators does not have any authority to use these funds as their terms have ended.


Key Features of the scheme

  • Objective of the Scheme: Under the scheme the school construction, renovation and development will take place. Alongside construction and renovation of Anganwadi, various health care organisation and health care related construction will be established.
  • Unused Funds: Since 2012-13 the unused fund with MLA accounts is being parked. The fund was allocated for the Local Area Development Scheme. Now the funds will be used in this scheme.
  • Deadline: The funds are needed to be fully used by the month of March in the year 2018. The funds were already allotted for something. Now as the time period of using the fund is over, the authority can’t use them further in LAD. Hence this fund will be used in this scheme within the deadline.


The total unused fund is Rs. 406 Cr. The entire amount will be used in this scheme. This Rs. 406 Cr has been divided into different parts for allocating in several sectors. The division or distribution budget is as follows:

Fund Distribution

  1. Education Sector: The biggest portion of the total fund has gone to education sector in the state. Rs. 243 Cr has been allotted for the construction and renovation of nearly 2719 numbers of class rooms from different schools and colleges, along with government educational system.
  2. Health Care Sector: Another 122 Cr has been allotted to health care sector. 309 numbers of government run hospitals will be renovated with these allotted funds.
  3. Women health and Child welfare: 40 Cr has been allotted to the women health and child welfare sector. Nearly 346 Anganwadi will be constructed under this scheme.





Rs 243 crore

Construction / Repair of 2719 classrooms in government schools


Rs 122 crore

Improve basic infrastructure of 309 Government hospitals

Women and Child Development

Rs 40 crore

Construction of 346 Anganwadi centers


This scheme will be helpful for the betterment of education and health care sectors in the state. Students are expected to get more knowledge based help from the school. Also the government hospitals will be renovated so that as many as patients they can handle. This is a rare case where unused funds are being used for development in Education, Health and Anganwadi sectors.



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