Tourism Minister launches the new Incredible India website– Destination / Experience & Travel Features

Published Date - 19 June 2018 12:43:34 Updated Date - 19 June 2018 12:44:31

• The Minister of State for Tourism K. J. Alphons launched the new Incredible India website today. The website showcases India as a holistic destination, revolving around major experiences, such as, spirituality, heritage, adventure, culture, yoga, wellness and more.

• The website follows the trends and technologies of international standards with an aim to project India as a ‘must visit’ destination, among its overseas travelers.

• Tech Mahindra, Google, Adobe and NIC team are involved in the development of the website.

• The website has many useful features to make it more interactive and provide a deeper engagement to the travelers visiting the website.

• With the help of Adobe solution suite, the Ministry of Tourism will now be able to engage effectively with visitors across Web and Social channels and measure engagement, to deliver real time personalized experiences for each visitor, based on their interest and travel persona.

Incredible India – Destination / Travel / Experience Features

Incredible India’s new website will suggest an option to the visitors and helps in resolving their queries. This website will provide information even on the exotic destinations of the country. Govt. will deliver Real time personalized experience of each visitor on the basis of their interest and travel with the help of Adobe Solution Suite. The important features and highlights of this new website are as follows:-

  • User Friendly – All the visitors will be able to access information easily as the design is absolutely friendly to the users.
  • Rich in Content – Visitors can browse through wide range of destinations and experiences before planning a travel.
  • Personalization – Adobe Solution Suite will identify user requirements and offer them personalized experience.
  • Responsive – This website also runs efficiently on mobile phones as it is responsive in nature.
  • User Generated Content – People can also learn from the experiences of their fellow travelers and their stories.
  • Categorization – All the destinations are categorized as popular, spiritual, heritage, museums, buddhism and world heritage sites. Moreover, various experiences are categorized as heritage, spiritual, adventure, yoga and wellness, art and culture, food and cuisine, nature and wildlife and luxury.
  • Future Perspective – Tech Mahindra has developed this dynamic website and is powered by NIC Cloud. Moreover, this web services is constantly evolving and in future, the content will also be available in Hindi and other International languages.
  • All About India – This website describes the true picture of Atulya Bharat. Here people can see the Most Famous places, Forts and Palaces, Hill Stations, Wildlife and Beaches.
  • Ministry of Tourism has partnered with Google Arts & Culture to bring online a series of compelling visuals. These visuals provides immersive experience of India’s spectacular heritage, festivity, spirituality, museums and adventure on the new website.


— For more details, visit the official website –
— In case of any query, visitors can call on the helpline number – 1800-11-1363.


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