Tripura CCL Scheme– 2 years child care leave for Female employees in Tripura

Published Date - 12 February 2018 05:11:53 Updated Date - 15 April 2018 02:21:02

As per the direction of the apex court, the Tripura Left front government has brought uninterrupted leave for two years for its women employees for child care, which also includes needs like examination and sickness. The decision has come up on Tuesday in a cabinet meeting at the secretariat office. 

While briefing the cabinet decision the Information and Cultural Affairs Minister Bhanulal Saha today said, "The case for uninterrupted two-year leave for child care also includes needs like examination and sickness."

He said, "A new provision has been brought in the staye leave rules through 13th amendment of Tripura Civil Service Leave Rules 1986."

"As per the provision an women employee shall get 730 days paid leave during her service period for child care and other related issues besides her normal leave, " adding the minister said, "A woman government employee having minor children below 18 years can avail CCL for maximum period of 730 days i.e. during the entire service period for taking care of upto two children."

Scheme Name

Tripura CCL Scheme / Child Care Leave for Female Employees

Launched By

Chief Minister of Tripura


Female Employee of Tripura state


Paid Leaves for 758 Days


Women Workers


CCL Scheme for Female Employees

The important features and highlights of this scheme are as follows:-

  • The council of Ministers approves this Child Care Leave Scheme.
  • Subsequently, all the female employees having children below the age of 18 years can get leave for maximum 730 days in their entire service life.
  • The state govt. is not going to deduct the salary but the initial condition is that the employee must be working under state government.
  • In addition to this, employees must work in the state of Tripura. Moreover, the female employees can avail this service only once.
  • Accordingly, this scheme is necessary keeping in view the better nourishment of the children.
  • Children’s in this growing stage of life seek attention of the parents especially of the mother.
  • Henceforth, govt. is starting this scheme for all the female employees serving in the state.

Supreme Court Decision on CCL Scheme

As per the decision of the Honorable Supreme Court in 2014 which stated that a women employee working under Central Government can take an uninterrupted leave for 2 years for child care. Moreover, the reasons for examination and sickness are also inclusive for the leave purpose.

Following the decision of Supreme Court, the officials of the Tripura state met several times to carry forwad this initiative. Finally, govt. decided to facilitate the in-service females working in the state. They can avail thee benefits of this scheme for proper nourishment of the children. Furthermore, this scheme is essential and will mark its contribution in the progress of the state.

Highlights of Tripura CCL Scheme

Following are some highlights and key features of the Tripura CCL Scheme given below. Check them all clearly and apply if you are eligible to get the total benefits of this scheme.

  • All the Female Employees have children under the age of 18 years can get leave of 730 days in the entire service life.
  • And these leaves are paid.
  • Also, all the Central Government and State Government Employees are eligible.
  • Only Female employees are eligible to get the whole benefits of this Scheme.
  • And, all the Council of ministers approves this Sarkari Yojana.
  • To get the benefits of the scheme, an applicant should be working in Tripura state with any of the Central or State Government Organization.
  • All the Working Women can make use of this scheme for their Children betterment.
  • So all the Female employees serving the Government can take this chance.
  • Also, all the Central Government Employees of the Tripura state can take these leaves uninterrupted for straight two years.
  • However, these leaves can be utilized at any time of their service time.
  • This scheme got big appreciation and a big welcome from all the new mothers who are working.
  • Although there are many other state governments are providing similar schemes, this Tripura CCL Scheme is a bit different as the Tripura State Government will also give salary for these leaves.


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