UP Draft for Fees Regulation Act 2017 – No yearly admission fees by private schools in UP

Published Date - 12 February 2018 03:57:04 Updated Date - 12 February 2018 03:57:35

The Uttar Pradesh government has decided to bring a new law to regulate fee structures of private schools from the coming academic session.

The department of secondary education has already prepared the draft of the Uttar Pradesh Self-Financed Independent Schools (Regulation of Fees) Bill 2017 and posted it on its website, seeking feedback from the parents, school management and common people.

The suggestions, which can be sent till December 22, will be incorporated in the final draft.

The private schools charging fees above Rs 20,000 per annum will be brought under the ambit of the proposed law.

Apart from the schools affiliated to UP Secondary Education Board, CBSE, ICSE and other boards, schools run by minority institutions will also be brought under the purview of the new legislation.

Addressing newspersons in Lucknow on Friday, deputy chief minister Dinesh Sharma said, besides regulating fees, the government wanted to bring transparency in fee collections and make the process “open and accountable.”

Details of Draft of Fees Regulation Act 2017 of private Schools

The important features and highlights of this draft for UP Fees Regulation Act are as follows:-

  • This act prohibits the private schools to take arbitrary fees from the students.
  • In addition to this, private schools cannot increase the school fees as per their requirement.
  • Under this act, the private schools can only take the admission fees once.
  • Subsequently, students will not have to pay admission fees every year.
  • Moreover, Private schools also cannot force students to purchase Uniforms and Books from certain special shops.
  • Most important feature of this draft is that all the private schools will have to put the information about the fees on the official website as well as on the notice board of the school.
  • All the private schools not obeying the conditions (found guilty) will get punishment as per the provisions specified in the draft.

Provisions for Punishment in Fees Regulation Act 2017

This draft enforces strict conditions on the private schools so that the school administration cannot harass students and their parents. This draft will also ensure transparency and will lead to a better education system in the entire state of Uttar pradesh. The state govt. will give punishment to the private schools not obeying the conditions of the draft as given below:-

  1. If schools disobeys the conditions (found guilty) for the first time, then state govt. will impose a fine of Rs 1 lakh on that school.
  2. Subsequently, if the school is found guilty for the second time, then state govt. will impose a fine of Rs 5 lakh on that particular school.
  3. Furthermore, if the school does not follow the rules and is found guilty for the third time also, then the state govt. will end the recognition / membership of that private school.

Uttar Pradesh state govt. has prepared this draft to put an end to the miseries of the parents whose students are studying in the private schools.





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