Delhi Govt. introduces “Entrepreneurship Curriculum” – Rs. 5000 for Degree & Rs. 1000 for Class XI & XII Students

Published Date - 01 March 2019 05:13:02 Updated Date - 01 March 2019 05:13:49

The Delhi government will annually give Rs 1,000 to every student in classes XI and XII in its schools and Rs 5,000 each government college student as seed money under its entrepreneurship curriculum. 

This new move of the government will tackle the problem of unemployment by teaching entrepreneurship to students.

This new scheme of Delhi govt. will enable students to get knowledge about leadership skills and will turn them into entrepreneurs. The main focus is to make students job creators rather than job seekers.

On the 13th of February, 'Entrepreneurship Mindset' Curriculum Framework for government schools in Delhi was finally launched in the presence of well known entrepreneurs Dharampal Gulati, Binny Bansal, and Krishna Yadav.

Delhi Entrepreneurship Curriculum 2019

The objectives of the curriculum are to develop critical thinking, creativity & confidence of the students studying in the schools. The curriculum is designed in such a way that it encourages communication & collaboration and helps develop problem solving ability.

The program is designed by State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT).

The program uses entrepreneurial case studies and approaches to develop characters and traits that are needed in entrepreneurs.

Additionally, there is seed money offered by the Delhi government to students in order to kickstart their entrepreneurial projects and ideas.

The government has announced seed money of Rs. 1,000 for students of class 11th & 12th and Rs. 5,000 for students pursuing higher studies. The grant of this money will be discussed with officials of government departments particularly responsible.

The introduction of such a program to boost the government education setup is definitely a step in the right direction.

 The AAP government has been working tirelessly to transform the education and sanitation situation in the city.

The introduction of 'Entrepreneurship Mindset' curriculum just goes on to show the lengths at which the Delhi government is willing to go to better the education sector of Delhi.

The new move of the Delhi govt. to provide Rs. 5,000 per year to government college students will encourage students to start business ventures. In order to turn them into entrepreneurs, students would be taught to take risk in business. If only 1% of government school / college students goes on to become entrepreneurs, then India will surely become a superpower. Previously, the state government had introduced happiness curriculum which is often praised by the foreign delegates.

The Delhi Entrepreneurship Curriculum is also going to have the same impact. Ironically, the state govt. is providing degree to students but whenever there is a clerk job, hundreds of PhD scholarship makes online registrations and apply for that jobs. This situation arises only due to the lack of knowledge and the students are unable to figure out what is best suitable for them.

The entire country is suffering from the lack of employment opportunities and with each passing day, the number of job seekers are increasing rather than job creators. All the school children wants to get jobs rather then becoming employment generators. This thought process can be solved by the new Delhi Entrepreneurship Curriculum.

Delhi govt. is consistently working hard to create more employment opportunities which is the true patriotism. This new entrepreneurship curriculum will help children let their fear go and do something creative in order to eventually create jobs for thousands of people.

The state govt. is going to allocate upto Rs. 50 crore in the budget in the next financial year in order to enable students to get seed money to generate new ideas of business plan. Any entrepreneur is the person who believes in themselves and has ability to gather resources and solve problems.

The new Entrepreneurship Curriculum is not going to focus on any business or job oriented skill. However, this curriculum will equip learners with a mindset to help choose any profession they want to get in.


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