Delhi govt. launches common card for travel in DTC buses & Metro from 1st January 2018

Published Date - 03 February 2018 06:50:11 Updated Date - 03 February 2018 06:50:57

The state government of Delhi is going to introduced mobility card for public transport to the citizens. This card will be used in Delhi Metro trains as well as buses which are running by Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC). The purpose of this mobility card is “One City, One Card”. However, this card will issue in the month of January 2018.

At the initial stage, this mobility card will use only in a few DTC buses. As soon, the facility of the card will install in all DTC buses and those public transport which are being operated under Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS).

The state government has informed that they will provide good infrastructure and system installation facility to provide easy access to the card. The state government is also going to resolve several issues through the coordination between DTC and DMRC.

Basic Requirement of Mobility Card

  • The basic requirement to implement this scheme is of infrastructure and system installation for connectivity purpose.
  • Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) will provide this basic facility.
  • Delhi govt. is keen to make use of Delhi Metro Card in several DTC buses as soon as possible.
  • For this reason, the state govt. has already resolved several issues of coordination and connectivity between DTC and DMRC.

Implementation of Mobility Card for Public Transport

This mobility Card project was proposed in the year 2010. Earlier the state govt. decided to launch this scheme in July 2016, but the implementation of the Mobility Card Project got delayed. Subsequently, the state govt. has carried out various trials to test the functioning of mobility cards in the DTC buses.

Delhi govt. has tried this facility in Phase III project and now they are going to install a machine on their buses. Accordingly, now their systems are capable to accept the mobility cards. Henceforth, DTC will install several ETMs in the buses. This machine will read the cards and will also process the receipts.

Several mega cities such as London, Seoul, Singapore and Hong Kong are already using a common transport card for travelling purpose in public transport.


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