Delhi Govt. to give Free Treatment For Road Accident Victims in Private Hospitals

Published Date - 03 February 2018 07:25:38 Updated Date - 03 February 2018 07:26:50

Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government under a new scheme will pay for the treatment of acid attack, motor accidents and fire accidents victims at private hospitals.

The decision was taken during a Cabinet meeting, chaired by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, on Tuesday, and will be sent to Lt. Governor Anil Baijal for approval.

There will no upper ceiling for the expenses borne by the Delhi administration.

At a press conference, Health Minister Satyendar Jain said that irrespective of domicile of the victims, free medical treatment will be provided to them in case of burns, motor accidents and acid attacks on Delhi’s roads.

The health minister said that the Delhi government would bear the treatment cost of such people in both its own and private hospitals.

“The move is aimed at saving lives of such people during the golden hour after accidents on Delhi’s roads, be it road accident, fire and acid attacks,” Jain told reporters.

Most people attempt to take road accident victims to a government hospital even if a private hospital in nearby, thereby denying treatment within the ‘Golden Hour’, he said.

Jain claimed that 8,000 accidents occur on Delhi roads every year, affecting 15,000-20,000 people, and about 1,600 people die every year due to road accidents.

In January, the AAP government approved ‘Good Samaritan Policy’ under which monetary incentive of Rs 2,000 and appreciation certificate would be given to people, who help road accident victims in the national capital.

Talking about the scheme, Jain said that this scheme and newly-approved road accident scheme would be launched together soon after the the Lt Governor gives his nod for the latter.


Delhi Cabinet has approved the proposal for the Free Treatment Scheme for accident victims in the state. The state govt. will now bear the entire cost of treatment of road accident and acid attacks victims. Accordingly, these victims can avail free treatment at any government or private hospitals. In addition to this, this scheme will also provide coverage to the victims of fire-related incidents on streets.

The Free Treatment Scheme will provide immediate financial assistance in order to reduce the mortality rate of the accident victims. Previously, the state govt. has launched Good Samaritan Scheme and now will also bear the treatment cost. Subsequently, Good Samaritans can admit the accident victims to any hospitals in the golden hour after accident to save their lives.

Details of Free Treatment Scheme for Road Accident Victims

The important features and highlights of this scheme are as follows:-

  • This treatment scheme is approved in the CM Kejriwal headed cabinet meeting and is now sent to the Governor for approval.
  • Under this scheme, govt. will provide treatment to the accidents victims as shown below:-

Type of Victims

Treatment Type

Hospital Type

Road Accident Victims


Both Govt. and Private Hospitals

Acid attacks victims


Both Govt. and Private Hospitals

Fire Incident Victims


Both Govt. and Private Hospitals

  • Moreover, there is a provision that if the accident victim is not a resident of Delhi and the accident happens in Delhi, even in that case the state govt. is going to provide free treatment in any of the govt. or private hospitals.
  • In addition to this, the state govt. will give Rs 2000 to the persons who brings the victim to the hospital.

Need for Free Treatment Scheme for Accident Victims

— In case of accident or any mis-happening, most people tend to take the victim to the govt. hospital even if the private hospital is nearby.
— Subsequently, this results in denial of treatment to the victim in emergency (within the golden hour).
— Accordingly to provide treatment and to save the lives of such people, govt. needs to launch this scheme.

As per the official data, around 8000 road accidents occurs on roads of Delhi annually which affects approx. 15000 to 20000 people. Moreover, around 1600 people die per year in these road accidents. So to reduce the mortality rate in the state due to accidents, the state govt. has launched this scheme.



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