Goa Govt. starts Coconut Subsidy Scheme 2018 to Control Price Rise – 30 Coconuts through LPG Card

Published Date - 16 March 2018 04:25:24 Updated Date - 16 March 2018 04:29:12

Now, the Government of Goa announced Goa Coconut Subsidy Scheme 2018. Subsequently, this government intervention scheme will reduce the prices of coconut and provide affordable nuts to consumers. 

To tackle the rise in coconut prices and provide affordable nuts to consumers, chief minister Manohar Parrikar on Thursday announced a scheme called 'government intervention to control price rise' for coconuts.

The coconuts were priced at Rs 20, Rs 18 and Rs 15 for the big, medium and small-sized nuts, respectively.In the local markets, coconuts are currently priced between Rs 30 and Rs 50, depending on the size."Coconut is a staple food and should be available to citizens at an affordable rate. One family needs one coconut per day. The Goa government has decided that one quality coconut will be sold to every family for Rs 20.

Under this scheme, one person can take 30 coconuts in one month (15 nuts at a time) through their LPG Card. Accordingly, all the coconuts will remain available at subsidized rates at all GSHCL outlets from 1 February 2018.

Goa Coconut Subsidy Scheme

Following are the some important features and details of  Goa Coconut Subsidy Scheme 2018.

  • To provide benefits for all the common people in the State, the government of Goa took this initiative.
  • keeping the high prices of the coconuts in mind, the Government of Goa took this decision to implement this Yojana.
  • Starting from 1st February 2018, the scheme will be forced into the act.
  • Goa State Horticulture Limited is going to take part and look after all the works of this Yojana.
  • And all the necessary measures to implement this Yojana are done by the Government of Goa.
  • Now, through this Yojana, all the citizens will get the coconut at Rs.20, Rs.18, Rs.15.
  • And the people can get the coconuts from any of the Goa State Horticulture Limited outlets.
  • Also, Government mentions that they are providing 1.5 lakh Coconut in each outlet.
  • So, that this will meet the increasing demand of the coconuts.
  • Starting from 1st February 2018, all the citizens can get the benefits of this Yojana.
  • To get the benefits of this Yojana, all the people should submit the LPG.
  • And the Government of Goa mentions that for a family, Government is giving total of 30 Coconuts for month.
  • And 15 Coconuts at a time.
  • Goa State Horticulture limited is going to take care of all the works.


The primary objective of this government intervention scheme is to provide coconuts to the people at affordable rates as coconut is a staple food. In addition to this, Goa government will run this initiative (pilot project) for two months.

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