Haryana Bank Loan 2018 for Cobblers – Differential Rate of Interest Scheme

Published Date - 05 March 2018 04:15:24 Updated Date - 05 March 2018 04:33:16

Chandigarh, Jan 2 Cobblers in Haryana can now look forward to getting bank loans of up to Rs 15,000 for setting up kiosks in the state under a new scheme.

Responding to a call made by the Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar in this regard, bankers came forward to liberally extend loans to the cobblers at a meeting chaired by him, here today, stated an official release.

Under the the Differential Rate of Interest (DRI) Scheme, financial assistance at concessional rate of four per cent interest is provided by public and private sector banks to selected low-income groups for boosting their productive endeavours, it said.

Khattar had urged the bankers to lend maximum support to the cobblers under the DRI scheme to bring them into the mainstream.

The government will also ensure back-up arrangement for repayment of bank loan through the Chief Minister's Relief Fund in case of any eventuality.

He also urged the bankers to contribute their profits to social works as a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scheme, the release said.

Recently while on his way back to Chandigarh by road from Kurukshetra, the Chief Minister had noticed a cobbler working in Shahabad town and announced financial assistance of Rs 50,000 from his discretionary fund and directed the district authorities to set up a kiosk for him and ensure educational facilities for both his grandchildren.

Accordingly under DRI Scheme, several public and private sector banks provides loans at 4% interest rates. Moreover, these loans are given to the people of various selected low-income groups to boost their new / existing businesses.

The state govt. should also make arrangements for loan recovery and also provide loan repayment from CM Relief Fund in case on non-payment of the loan amount by the beneficiary.

Haryana Cobblers Bank loans – DRI Scheme

The important features and highlights of this loan scheme are as follows:-

  • Cobblers in Haryana can get loan amount of Rs. 15,000 from banks to start their own business.
  • Subsequently in response to this scheme, various banks are willing to provide loans to the cobblers.
  • Under DRI Scheme, cobblers will now get loans at 4% to boost their productive work.
  • Several Banks will provide maximum support to the economically weaker cobblers under DRI Scheme to bring them in the mainstream.
  • For this reason, state govt. will have to ensure the back-up arrangement for the banks. If any person does not repay his / her loan on time, then state govt. should make repayment of the loan amount through the Chief Ministers Relief Fund.
  • Furthermore, state govt. has also urged the bankers to contribute some part of the profits earned in social works under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scheme.

CM Khattar on his way to the Chandigarh met a cobbler working in Shahabad working in miserable situation. Subsequently, he announces financial assistance from CM Fund and give further directions to the concerned authorities to set up a working stall (kiosk) for him.




Features and the Eligibility criteria for DRI Scheme

It is the right time to be aware of the most significant features of this loan scheme and make a good decision to use this loan scheme towards the fulfilment of commencement of the own business.

  • All cobblers in Haryana can avail the loan money of Rs 15, 000 from banks to begin their own company anywhere in the nation without any complexity and also delay.
  • Almost every bank in Haryana in recent times has geared up for providing the absolute guidance to customers who seek details about this loan and how to get this loan.
  • Cobblers who have properly applied and qualified for this loan under the DRI scheme can get a loan for low interest rate to develop their productive work in the most successful manner.
  • The most reputable banks in the nation will provide the highest possible financial assistance via the DRI Scheme to cobblers who come under the economically weaker group and seek how to commence their own business.
  • The State Government of Haryana will have to make certain about the overall back-up arrangement for every bank. The state government has the responsibility to repay the loan amount when the borrower of the loan under the DRI scheme failed to repay.
  • Haryana State Government has urged every banker to contribute a little part of profits earned in all social works under the scheme of corporate social responsibility.

This newly launched Differential Rate of Interest (DRI) Scheme will boost the cobblers to let their children carry their education by increasing their business with the aid of finance assistance, and it will lead them to the bright future.


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