Haryana Parivartan Scheme – Cleanliness & Pollution Free Drive Launched by Haryana Govt.

Published Date - 05 March 2018 05:03:19 Updated Date - 05 March 2018 05:04:50

The Haryana government has officially launched the Parivartan scheme, which is designed to address 10 issues including cleanliness and pollution, in 46 developmental blocks of the state. The 10 issues include facilitation of financing, making agriculture profitable and sustainable, improving health services, implementing Swachh Bharat, decongesting market areas, engaging the youth, checking air pollution, ensuring availability of identity-related services, effective policing, and ensuring road order and conduct. Under this scheme, the state government will provide training (practical) to the employees and thus will create strong training workforce in the state. This is a unique scheme in order to ensure that the benefit of all government scheme must reach the people

Haryana CM Manohar lal Khattar has launched this scheme along with 46 other IAS, IPS and IFS Cadre officials. The state govt. has allotted one block to each of these officers.

The state govt. will conduct review process of officer’s experience on Civil Service Day – 21 April 2018.

Launch details

As per the latest updates, the new scheme termed as Parivartan scheme has been launched by the Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar. Apart from this for the launch and implementation CM was officially supported by another 46 top ranking state officials including IPS cadres, IFS and IAS officials. The scheme was officially launched by CM on 21st February 2018 while addressing a meeting.


Parivartan Scheme – 10 Major Issues

Haryana govt. has developed this scheme in order to address 10 major issues which are as follows:-

Financing Facilitation

Making Agriculture Profitable and Suitable

Improvement of Health Services

Implementation of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Market Areas Decongestion

Youth Engagement

Air Pollution Monitoring and Control

Availability of Identity related services

Effective Policing

Ensuring Road Order and Conduct

Govt. will appoint 46 officers for 46 development blocks (1 for each block). These officers will carry forward the works in 10 selected common fields and 1 field of their choice.

Parivartan Scheme – Parameters

Under this scheme, the state govt. has specified various parameters which will serve as the basis of their performance assessment of which some are as follows:-

  • Making of 10 km long stretches absolutely accident free.
  • One Town / Block / Mahagram Stray Cattle Free.
  • Proper Delivery of Caste Certificates to Students.
  • Filing of Charge Sheets of all FIR’s in case of crime.

Under this scheme, around 3 lakh govt. employees and directed administrative secretaries will utilize their services. The primary objective is to make sure that the benefits of several welfare schemes and programmes reach the common people belonging to these 46 blocks (more than 1/3 rd of total area of Haryana).

Parivartan Scheme – Marks Distribution

Haryana Govt. will provide score (out of 50) to each of these officers as per their developmental work in their blocks. Accordingly, the marks distribution is as follows:-

Performance on specified 38 parameters covering the above 10 fields

39 Marks

Any field of Officer’s Choice

4 Marks

Social Audit by Haryana Governance Reforms Authority (HGRA)

7 Marks

Moreover, the state govt. has issued directions to the secretaries to make personal visits to their allotted blocks. These officers must make at-least one visit and must apprise the block and district officers. Accordingly, this scheme will help in realizing the dream of the state govt. to provide good governance in Haryana.

Haryana govt. is rolling out 1 reform per month under its flagship ‘Ek Aur Sudhar Programme’ after taking consultations from public. Under this program, the state govt. has also formed Ponds Management Authority and Kisan Kalyan Pradhikaran. Furthermore for next month, the state govt. is inviting suggestions on Antyodaya from public.


Key Features

  • and actions action taken instantly. The new initiative launched by the CM has been focused on the issues related to cleanliness and hygiene within Block levels in the state. The new scheme will be implemented in 46 blocks district wise to help resolve 10 selected and pre-determined issues.
  • The government has stated that the new scheme will help in resolving issues related to profits within
  • Agricultural sector
  • Swachh Bharat Mission
  • Better availability of Health care services
  • Provisions for availability of finance
  • Better and improved roads
  • ID service for people
  • Air pollution problems
  • Employment for youth
  • Good governance and policies
  • Over crowded market places
  • The government has also stated that 10 fields will be selected by the government in which the selected officials will participate. The government will also assess the performance of the selected officials on the set parameters from each of the selected 10 fields.
  • Some selected set parameters that are included by the state government are stray cattle free stretch of zone for over 10 KM, instant caste certificate delivery by officials, accident free zones development or quick filed FIR charge sheets

Marks Distribution

The CM has also stated that for each of the selected parameters the government will allocate 39 marks that will be distributed to over 38 parameters within the selected fields.

According to the state government of Haryana, the new initiative has been taken with an aim to ensure that the people of the state are able to get all benefit of introduced government policies and schemes on time.


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