Haryana Tele-Medicine Treatment Scheme 2018– Free Medical Facility for Patients

Published Date - 28 April 2018 04:23:20 Updated Date - 28 April 2018 04:24:12

The State Government of Haryana will launch the Tele-Medicine Treatment Scheme on a pilot basis in primary Medical Treatment Services for all patients. As per the government sources, the new scheme will be introduced on Pilot basis in various Health Centers. The government has also announced that the patients will be offered with treatments under this scheme. Each of the patients will be recommended for specialist available at the health centers within their localities. Under this scheme, the state government will provide best health treatment services from specialist doctors to all the serious patients at their nearby health centers. Under this scheme, the health treatment will be provided to the patients via e-sanjeevani software. In addition to this, the state government will also provide equal and high-quality health treatment to patients belonging to the poor and deprived sections.

Best treatment of a particular disease will now remain available through tele-medicine facility at nearest health centers. This facility will save time and money of patients and also of doctors. Specialists doctors from far-flung areas can now provide assistance in treatment.

Tele-Medicine Facility will ensure “Health For All” objective of the state govt. and will mostly benefit the poor and economically weaker patients. 


The state government of Haryana has already made it very clear that the new scheme is available for the people of the state who belong to the weaker and poor section of the society and are not able to avail medical and health care facilities.

Key Features

  • One of the most important key features under this scheme is that it shall be provided to the patients via the means of Tele-Medicine. The treatment will be made available for the patient for curing any particular condition.
  • The medicinal facility will be provided for the patients for a particular condition via health centers. This facility has been developed and introduced by the state government with an aims to help save a lot of money and time for the Doctors and patients alike.
  • Using the new technology it is obvious that expert doctors who are available in other places can be a part of the treatment process without practically travelling to Haryana.
  • The new programme of the state government has been introduced in the form of Medicine facility for each and every person which is also one of the objectives of the scheme.

Tele-Medicine Treatment Scheme in Haryana

Tele Medicine Facility will be provided to the patients at 3 levels / phases. The descriptions of 3 levels are as follows:-

  • First Level – All PHCs and CHCs will get linked to health and wellness centers.
  • In this First Phase of Tele-Medicine Scheme, Primary Health Centers (PHCs) and Community Health Centers (CHCs) will get connected to Health and Wellness Centers (HWCs) through E-Sanjeevani Software.
  • Health providers at this level will conduct routine clinical examinations, checkups, radiological and laboratory investigations.
  • This would be possible with the help of an integrated health device linked with the e-sanjeevani software.
  • Electronic medical records will firstly get screened at the PHC and CHC level.
  • Second Level – In this second phase, all PHCs and CHCs will get connected to the district hospitals.
  • In case consultation of specialist doctor is required, then medical records of the patients will be referred to district hospitals through telemed software.
  • This will ensure secondary and tertiary level health care to the patients.
  • Third Level – In the third phase, all the district hospitals will be connected with the Medical Colleges. In case of urgency, medical records can be referred to secondary and tertiary level care units.

In addition to this, Haryana govt. is also going to establish a regional resource center and tele-medicine hub at PGIMER.


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