Karnataka Govt. Launches Rajiv Gandhi Entrepreneurship Encouragement Scheme (RGEES)

Published Date - 15 March 2018 02:56:24 Updated Date - 15 March 2018 02:57:18

The StateGovernment of Karnataka is planning to implement the Rajiv Gandhi Entrepreneurship Encouragement Scheme. This is for the benefit and welfare of the Entrepreneurs in the State.For the proper implementation of this Yojana, the Government of Karnataka is even spending some amount as Budget. Apparently, the Karnataka State Government is going to launch Rajiv Gandhi Entrepreneurship Encouragement Scheme 2018-2019. Through this Yojana, they are going to boost the Information Technology sector in the State. 

Department of Information Technology (IT) and Biotechnology (BT) Karnataka finally sees the light of the day to rebrand itself in a completely new avatar, aimed towards becoming the next global hub for industry-leading innovations in technology and biotechnology.

The primary focus of RG Entrepreneurship Encouragement Scheme is to build an innovation driven entrepreneurial eco-system. Moreover, creation of jobs and wealth are the most important aspects for socio-economic development for which govt. will encourage young entrepreneurs. The main motto is “Driving Innovation Through Disruption”.

The department thus newly rebranded will focus its efforts on skilling in emerging technologies, creating a knowledge society for ideation, focus on collaboration with global ecosystems as industry partners, foster innovation and inventions to create opportunity for investments, these together will propel the State’s growth as global industry leaders.

RGEES will provide this initial fellowship for risk mitigation for a new business idea. Furthermore, this scheme also aims to make entrepreneurship a more attractive and lucrative career opportunity to bring positive momentum in science and technology. In the first phase, around 1000 young entrepreneurs will get selected.

Important Features of  Rajiv Gandhi Entrepreneurship Encouragement Scheme (RGEES)

Minister of IT of state, Priyank Kharge has launched this scheme for entrepreneurs at the startup level on 12 March 2018. The important features and highlights of RGEES are as follows:-

  • RGEES will help in creating a new team of innovators and entrepreneurs to bring IT Revolution in Karnataka.
  • Accordingly, govt. will provide fellowship to the candidates offering business idea to the govt.
  • Under this scheme, govt. will provide a grant of Rs. 30,000 to each individual entrepreneur having innovative ideas.
  • In addition to this, govt. will also provide 30 percent as mentorship to youths for their ideas if the idea becomes successful after implementation.
  • Henceforth, RGEES will also provide foster innovative ideas and will generate job opportunities and thus lead to the development of karnataka.
  • Subsequently, graduate students and new young IT Students can offer their ideas and innovations for the growth of IT sector.
  • RGEES scheme will provide financial support to the new innovators and entrepreneurs in the IT sector. Accordingly, govt. has named this scheme in the honour of former PM Rajiv Gandhi who ushered in IT revolution in the country to build a momentum on the IT front.





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