Kerala Free School Uniform Scheme ─ Handloom Uniforms to be Distributed in Govt. Schools

Published Date - 28 April 2018 05:38:09 Updated Date - 28 April 2018 05:39:58

The government of Kerala will distribute free handloom school uniforms to students of government schools from May 2.The uniforms made from around 23 lakh metres of cloth will be distributed to around 4.5 lakh students from Classes I to VII enrolled in a total of 3,701 schools in the state. Not only this, the main purpose of this scheme is to promote education as well as handloom sector, so that people get employment opportunities too.

This Free Handloom School Uniform Scheme will boost the education sector as well as the handloom sector. Govt. will start this uniforms distribution in the state from 2 May 2018. This scheme is a major initiative of the state govt. to improve education standards in the state along with that of labourers working in handloom industry.

Features of  Kerala Free Handloom School Uniform Distribution Scheme

The important features and highlights of this free school uniform scheme are as follows:-

  • The state govt. will start distribution of free handloom school uniforms from 2 May 2018.
  • School Uniforms made of approx. 23 lakh metres of cloth (for shirting, suiting and skirting) will be given to around 4.5 lakh students.
  • Only the students studying in Class 1st to 7th are applicable for this scheme. This scheme will cover 3,701 schools in the state.
  • Free Handloom School Uniform will help the general education sector and handloom sector.
  • Kerala LDF govt. successfully rehabilitates various traditional handloom labourers by hiking the basic wages from Rs. 400 to Rs. 600 on daily basis.
  • Several labourers get jobs only under the handloom school uniform scheme. For this scheme, govt. has already dispensed around Rs. 40 crore to the workers.

The current state govt. is working consistently to protect the labourers and for the welfare of the handloom sector. Hantex will distribute handloom school uniforms from Thiruvananthapuram to Ernakulam districts. Hanweave will distribute the school uniforms from Thrissur to Kasargod districts.


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