Kerala New Health Policy 2018 – Vaccination Certificate Mandatory for School Admission

Published Date - 20 March 2018 04:15:28 Updated Date - 20 March 2018 04:17:25

 Finance minister of Kerala Thomas Isaac is presenting the state budget . The Finance Minister allocated Rs 2000 crore for coastal area development and promises to offer comprehensive health insurance to all in the state. In an effort to ensure that all children below the age of five are immunised, the Left Front government in Kerala has made vaccination certificate mandatory for admission to class-I from the next academic session. Health Minister K K Shailaja on Tuesday said that the government is committed to achieving total immunisation in Kerala.

The state government of Kerala has made the presence of Vaccination card as compulsory for all the children who are about to get admission in the educational institutes from the upcoming academic year.  In order to address various health oriented issues and to provide better health care system to the state people of Kerala, the state government has taken this initiative.

Approval of Draft Medical Policy in Kerala

On 20th of February 2018, the state cabinet ministry meeting held under the head of the state CM Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan has approved the draft health policy. The health policy was presented by the state health minister KK Shylaja which includes the process of making mandatory for parents to submit the vaccination cards of their child during the school admission.

The state health minister has marked that the decision of making vaccination cards as mandatory for school admission is because of government inability to attract parents to get their children vaccinated on the most recently held vaccination program for restricting MR (Measles Rubella) virus is certain districts of the state.

New Health Policy 2018 in Kerala

  • Under this new health policy 2018, the Kerala State Govt. has taken several innovative steps to provide better health care systems by setting guidelines for the standard treatments offered by the hospitals in the state.
  • The policy increases the transparency of the treatments received from the hospitals even from the private hospitals.
  • With the new policy, the government ensures about offering intellectual, effectual treatments to the people from the private health care institutes.
  • After conducting several vaccination programs across the state, the state government has taken this step of merging the Vaccination cards with Kerala Health Policy. Recently, the state government has approved the draft medical policy to be followed.
  • The presence of vaccination card is mandatory to get children admitted right from the class 1 in the Kerala state from the upcoming academic year.

Vaccination Cards are  mandatory  for New Health Policy 2018:

In order to ensure that all the children who are all from below 5 age category are being immunized, the Kerala government has made it compulsory for the parents to get vaccination certificate from the medical authority and to submit to the educational institute in which they are about join their child.

The State Govt. also quoted that the providing vaccination cards in schools has been merged with the Kerala New Health Policy 2018. Under the new health care policy, various pre-measures and guidelines has been given to the health care units across the state

Features of   Kerala New Health Policy 2018

  • Apart setting vaccination cards as essential in admission; the new health policy has also made the installation of napkin vending machines along with the sanitary disposal facilities in all the educational institutes having classes from upper primary as essential.
  • The recently approved health care policy by the state cabinet was drafted by the committee of 17 expertise member headed by Mr. Dr. B Ekbal who is the former VC of Kerala University.
  • The new heath policy also suggests legal steps to be taken against the people who are spreading rumors or holding parents from vaccinating their children, which the government offers.
  • The newly proposed health policy has given guidelines for giving antibiotics along with that it places the 2 medical directors for clinical services and for public health care by replacing the existing director post for health sector.
  • Several initiatives will be taken in the Kerala state to boost the research activity over the health sector of the state under this newly approved health care draft policy.

Kerala state government has become the first state to implement such strong health care policy; it also strengthens the vigilance systems in the state health care units and also in private hospitals in order to ensure the transparency of health care system carried in the state.  With this mandatory vaccination cards, it is expected that the mortality rate of children in the state will be reduced significantly.

Other highlights:
1) A new Kerala Public Health Act will be introduced to cover all issues in the health sector. As Kerala hospitals generate 50 tonnes of biomedical waste daily, a central biomedical waste treatment and disposal facility will be set up.
2) To attend to growing number of accident victims, trauma care centres will be set up on state and national highways at a distance of 10 km. It will be supported by an ambulance network on the Uber cab model.
3) An all-Kerala cancer registry will be formed. A clinical diagnostic and technology council will be formed to streamline lab and imaging sectors.
4) As 3 per cent of the state’s population suffers from disability, steps will be taken for their rehabilitation and address other health issues.



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