Direct Benefit Transfer Portal for Farm Loan Waiver by the Maharashtra Government

Published Date - 10 December 2017 07:16:28 Updated Date - 10 December 2017 07:17:34

Maharashtra government is going to launch Farm Loan Waiver Direct Benefit Transfer Portal an an Information Technology platform to waive off the loan of the farmers of the state. The farmers can make Direct Benefit Transfer Portal registration after its launching. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said that the government is preparing this portal to avoid the frauds in the procedure of the loan waive off. The DBT portal will bring the transparency and the benefits will be reached in the right hands.

Objective of DBT Portal

The objective of DBT portal would be to cover all farmers in the state and provide a relief from the burden of loan and increase their income.

Farmers who are not eligible for loan waiver scheme

  • The farmer whose income is at least 15,000 per month and are registered for paying taxes or have a secondary source of income.
  • Farmers who are elected on the board of district co-operative banks, agricultural produce marketing committees and sugar co-operative mills.

Every farmer who register for the loan waiver will put on their individual Aadhar numbers and other information about land records and income. This information will ensure that he or she does not fall in any of these categories.

The co-operation department estimates nearly 89 lakh farmers as beneficiaries under the newly announced loan waiver scheme. According to official notification, Govt. will contract a private company to run the process that collect all details regarding the Farm Loan Waiver.

Required Details of Beneficiaries

  • Loan account and details of the bank from where the loan is availed.
  • Requirement of land records.

This scheme will undoubtedly improve the financial condition of farmers and brings down the number of suicide cases in the Maharashtra.

Details & Highlights of Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) Portal

Here you will come to know all the details and highlights of Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) Portal.

  • The DBT portal will enable the farmers to make their registration to take the benefit of the farm loan waiver scheme in Maharashtra.
  • Through this portal the farmers will be provided benefit by following simple procedure.
  • The portal will reach the benefits in the hands of the genuine beneficiaries and will avoid the frauds.
  • According to the officials the DBT portal shall be launched in the next month.
  • The farmers will make their registration individually by linking their Aadhar card number and will feed the record of their lands.
  • The farmers who are retired and getting Rs. 15ooo monthly and paying value added tax will not be eligible to take the benefit of this farm loan waiver scheme.

Last month the state government of Maharashtra started a scheme to waive the loan of the farmers. The Maharashtra government allotted Rs. 3600 crore to waive off the farm loan under Farm Loan Waiver Scheme Maharashtra.


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