High Voltage Distribution System(HVDS) –Scheme for Power Supply to farmers in Maharashtra

Published Date - 21 April 2018 09:37:46 Updated Date - 21 April 2018 09:41:34

The state government on Tuesday approved a scheme to launch High Voltage Distribution System (HVDS) to provide electricity to over two lakh farmers. A new scheme has officially been approved by the Maharashtra state Government termed as the HVDS scheme (High Voltage Distribution System).  The decision was taken at a meeting of the state cabinet, chaired by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Power Minister Chandrashekhhar Bawankule told reporters. The scheme has been announced for the Farmers of the state who are making use of the Agricultural water Pumps at their farm lands.This govt. scheme will benefit around 2.24 lakh farmers in the state who are still waiting for new power connections.

Mahavitaran – State power distribution utility is going to take a loan of Rs. 2500 crore for HVDS Scheme. Maharashtra govt. will be the guarantor for this loan amount. Now farmers will get high voltage electricity without tripping effects.

At present, Maharashtra govt. provides eight hours electricity supply to farmers on a daily basis. For this, there are approx. 700 feeders. But now, the state govt. has decided to launch High voltage distribution scheme to provide more electricity to farmers. HVDS Scheme will cost Rs. 5048 crore to the state exchequer.

High Voltage Distribution System – Key features

Till date, villages and farms share a common electricity connection for agriculture purposes which does not ensure adequate power supply to farmers. Maharashtra govt. is going to launch a scheme to provide separate electricity connections for villages and farms. For now, govt. has launched HVDS Scheme whose details are as follows:-

  • Under the new scheme it is obvious that the farmers will be provided with electricity connections for running the water pumps at their farm lands via HVDS. Any farmer who has already applied for the new electricity connection can get the benefit of the scheme.
  • It is also expected that the farmers will also be able to share Transformer under the HDVS lines. The lines will be laid for the farmers by 15th August onwards till 31stMarch 2018.
  • Under the present time only about 10 or 15 percent of the farmers are getting electricity at the farm lands using 100 to 65 KVA line. The new system will also ensure that it will replace present low voltage system and reduce power cut due to failure of the low voltage transformer and Power lines.
  • The government has also made a budget of Rs 600 core in the project within the Vidarbha and Marathwada regions in the scheme. The Power distribution company – Mahavitaran has also assured that a loan amount of Rs 2500 crore will be made as request by the company for implementation of the scheme state wide.

It is obvious that with the implementation of the above mentioned scheme the state of Maharashtra will become self dependent for the production and distribution of electricity to the state farmers for their farm lands.

In the past few years, Maharashtra has become self sufficient in electricity and there is no power shortage. Govt. has already achieved 23,100 MW electricity production capacity to provide uninterrupted power supply. With this capacity, there are no complaints on load-shedding for industrialm residential and commercial customers.

As on 1 April 2018, there are around 45 lakh farmers who have not paid their electricity bills worth Rs. 13,198 crore. So, the state govt. wants them to pay at least Rs 5,000 each to be able to strengthen the transmission system. Even the state govt. has stopped disconnecting electricity connections for the bill defaulters.

As a pro-farmer govt., around 4 lakh farmers have already received agricultural pumps connections in the previous 3 years. Each agricultural connection costs around Rs. 1.5 lakh. So, the state govt. is making all possible efforts to raise the standards of living of poor farmers.


sunil shingne


HVDS its benificiary scheme for all farmers .that scheme change the life of farmer.so specially thanks our state government....



well , I thanks to state govt. but in our area of Kinwat- Dist. Nanded, there is long load - shedding is going on AG feeders. need to minimize the Load- Shedding . it should be 2-4 hrs. Note;- Kindly consider and support to farmers.

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