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“MahaLabharthi portal “is a new online portal at launched by the state govt. of Maharashtra to provide information about all the Maharashtra government schemes. At the “MahaLabharthi portal”, the citizens of the state can register themselves and receive personalized information about various schemes of state government.

The “MahaLabharthi portal” will provide personalized information about the schemes such as eligibility, scheme benefits, contact authority, application form and other necessary details. For this, the citizens would be required to provide their contact details, profession and income details among others at the portal.

The registration for Mahalabharthi can be done through both online and offline modes. Online registrations can be done through the Mahalabharthi portal at Offline registration can be done at MKCL MS-CIT Help Centers across the state with by paying a maximum registration fee of Rs. 70. Below is the detailed procedure to register online and offline for MahaLabharthi benefits.


Launch details of the portal

The official launch of the state run and managed website was done by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Mr. Devendra Fadnavis. It declaration of the unique portal was made during October 2017. The website was designed and developed by Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited as well. One can acquire the details of the portal or opt for the benefits by clicking on the link

Key features of the portal

  1. Providing information to the state residents – The main aim of the state government for launching the portal was to assist the people living within the state in acquiring all scheme related information and opt for them accordingly.
  2. All 229 welfare schemes are included in the list – The website contains all the details of the 229 schemes that are operational in the state. If there is any doubt in your mind about any scheme, then this is the site to refer to.
  3. Both state and central programs – To make matters even simpler for the residents of the state, the portal will provide details about the schemes sponsored by the state as well as those implemented by the central government.
  4. Personalized search results – Once a citizen registers under the portal and submits all details, the website will automatically send notifications to be person, about those schemes, for which he or she is eligible.
  5. Providing updates about the schemes – If any scheme is altered or updated, it will be uploaded by the respective department and the details will be made available on the portal as soon as possible.
  6. Application related information – Apart from the scheme related details, the common citizens of the state will also get pertinent information about the people they need to contact or the department where the application needs to be submitted.
  7. No registration related reservations – All people, who stay within the borders of the state will be able to click on the official site and enter their details and get officially registered.
  8. Registering officially under the portal – Before acquiring the benefits of the portal, any interested candidate will have to get their official registration done. It has to be done online and they need to link the active phone number, for getting further notifications.
  9. Logging on the site – Once the residents have successfully registered their numbers, they need to click on the login button on the main site and acquire the scheme related information. In case the registration form needs to be edited, one has to go through the login process.
  10. Getting updates and notifications – Once the registration and logging procedure is done, the site will automatically provide the registered person with the details and updates of the welfare schemes, for which he/she is eligible.
  11. Scheme related details – Apart from the detailed description of the program, the site will also provide the registered person with details like the application department contacts, official papers required, tenure, benefits and application procedure.
  12. Searching for the respective scheme – Apart from receiving scheme related notifications, any interested candidate can log on to the official page and click on “Search Scheme.” It will produce the required details they are looking for.

Working procedure of the portal

Acquiring the application form

The application form can be acquired from the official website. Clicking on the link will give you access to the home page and then you can get the registration form. The application form is also available in a PDF format and one can click on the link and simply download it.

Highlights of MahaLabharthi Portal

  • The portal has been started by government to aware people about government schemes.
  • The government wants to provide benefits for public for all government schemes.
  • Mahalabharthi portal available in both language English and Marathi.
  • People can apply online for all central and state government schemes through this portal.
  • Citizens of Maharashtra would have to register online on the portal to get information of welfare schemes.

Mahalabharthi Schemes

The candidates who want to take the information regarding the schemes of Maharashtra government.

  • To search the schemes the people have to visit official website MahaLabharthi Portal.
  • Click at Search Schemes at the top of the homepage.
  • Now the schemes will be opened at your screen.
  • Select the scheme for which you want to take information.
  • Take the relevant information.

The citizens who have registered on mahalabharthi portal are eligible to get information about government schemes. The portal will provide information for citizen about 229 welfare schemes. Poor people, old age people, students, widows, BPL category people all and other can apply for government schemes through the portal.

MahaLabharthi Online Registration at

Below is the step by step procedure to register online at

STEP 1: Visit the official MahaLabharthi Portal at
STEP 2: By Default, it will open in Marathi Language, you can change the language by selecting English from the top center of every page.
STEP 3: After English is selected, click the “CITIZEN LOGIN” button or “नागरिकांचे लॉगीन” in Marathi.
STEP 4: If you are not already registered, on the next page click on “REGISTER” button or “नोंदणी करा” in Marathi.
STEP 5: After clicking the registration button, a registration form will open similar to below.

STEP 6: Fill the correct mobile number and click the “Send OTP” button, a 6 digit One Time Password will be sent to your mobile number which you will need to enter to verify your mobile number.
STEP 7: After verifying the mobile number, fill all other required details and click the “Register” button.
STEP 8: You will be provided a username and password which can be used to login and fill more details about yourself and get personalized information about Maharashtra Government Schemes.

MahaLabharthi Registration / Application Form PDF

The offline registrations for the Mahalabharthi can be done by filling and submitting the prescribed Mahalabharthi application form to any of the registered MKCL MS-CIT Help Centers. The PDF form of application form can be downloaded from the Mahalabharthi portal at using the below link.

Mahalabharthi Application form PDF Download

List of MKCL MS-CIT Centers
The list of MKCL MS-CIT centers for Mahalabharthi registration can be checked at the below link

For more information about the application / registration procedure, please visit the Mahalabharthi portal at

How to Search Scheme Information    

  • To search scheme on the portal go to Menu bar and click at “Search Scheme”li>
  • Here you can directly search the scheme and you can get information of all government running scheme by scrolling down the page.
  • Click on the name of the scheme. After a click complete information will be appeared on the screen.
  • Check all the information such as how to apply, registration form and process, application form, eligibility, benefits and other related information.

After registration, citizens would be able to get notification of central and state government schemes. There are about 229 welfare schemes and information of these scheme would be available on portal for poor people, old age people, students, widows, BPL category and other category people.



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