Maharashtra Atal Mahaaphan Vikas Abhiyan for Cooperative Sector

Published Date - 20 December 2017 09:02:43 Updated Date - 20 December 2017 09:03:40

State Government of Maharashtra launched the new scheme named Atal Mahaaphan Vikas Abhiyan for the co operative sector. After all scheme is going to help the young entrepreneurs to start business. Funds will be provided by the state government to help the cooperative to start new business. Non banking business development is the main motive of this scheme by giving financial support to cooperative societies.

Meanwhile, the main motive of this scheme is to strengthen the farmer of the state by doubling their income by financial year 2022. Scheme name is given on the name of former Prime Minister Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Ultimately the state government launched this scheme to strength the rural sector of the Maharashtra. As a result the Atal Mahaaphan Vikas Abhiyan will generate many jobs for farmers including women.

Co-operative sector of any state is the backbone of any country. The rural economy depends on cooperative sector and mainly the Farmers dependence on Cooperative sector is more. Moreover the cooperative sector of Maharashtra is facing the financial crises. To overcome the financial need of this sector government has take the initiative to meet financial needs.

Maharashtra Atal Mahaaphan Vikas Abhiyan Details

Below are some of the important features and highlights of Maharashtra Atal Mahaaphan Vikas Abhiyan, which all the citizens of the State can check.

  • Motive of this scheme is to increase the non Banking businesses
  • For this Necessary financial assistance is given.
  • To support the Cooperative sector through this Sakari yojana.
  • State Government decides to perform the registration of PACS if somebody chooses Non-banking business through Public, Cooperative Private Partnership.
  • Also, it parallelly works to double the income of the farmers by 2022.
  • By Maharashtra Atal Mahaaphan Vikas Abhiyan, government works to strengthen the Cooperative sector.
  • For this, it is ready to give mandatory Financial assistance and fund for the businesses.
  • In addition to all this government encouraging all the citizen to contribute to the Cooperative sector.
  • Also, Govt is planning to give expertise to all women self-help groups and farmers in this yojana.
  • This scheme will help in contributing Employment and Income generation in rural areas.
  • Therefore government of Maharashtra is accepting applications to set up the businesses.

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