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Published Date - 21 March 2018 01:39:10 Updated Date - 21 March 2018 01:40:42

The state government of Manipur has announced the launching of two new schemes termed as Lairik Tamhanlasi and Startup Manipur. Manipur CM has launched 2 new schemes – Startup Manipur and Lairik Tamhanlasi. Subsequently, this startup scheme will provide funds for women startups, student startups, idea based startups and revenue based startups. Accordingly, interested candidates can apply for funds online through the official website standupmanipur.in .

The start up scheme has been launched with an aim to offer with financial assistance and funds for ideal based (Innovative) start ups, student startups, women entrepreneur startups and revenue based start ups. Under the new initiative the state government will provide and make availability of funds for innovative ideas, commercialization process, proto type promotions and development plans.

The state govt. will provide incentives for ideas, prototype development and promotion & commercialization. Moreover to boost entrepreneurship, govt. will organize other events like Spark Saturday, Uplift and Start-up Manipur. Candidates must check their eligibility before applying

In addition to this, govt. will also setup Network of Entrepreneurship Development Centers (NEDC), Business Incubators, Product / Prototype development and Market. Interested candidates can apply online before 25 March 2018.

Launch details

The new schemes have been made Live by the state government for interested candidates via online web portal @ startupmanipur.in/For effective implementation the government has also announced to establish NEDC (Network of Entrepreneurship Development Centers), Market place, prototype and product based development and Business incubators. The candidates will be able to apply for being a part of the scheme latest by 25th March 2018 via official portal.


Startup Manipur Online Application Form

Below is the complete procedure to apply online for Startup Manipur Scheme:-

Firstly visit the official website startupmanipur.in/

Then on the homepage, click the “Apply Now” tab or directly this link.

Accordingly, Start-up Manipur Application Form will apper on the screen.

Here candidates have to fill personal details, business details, Progress and Pitch.

Finally candidates can click the “Submit” button to complete the application process.

This scheme will create a Startup ecosystem in the state and will provide right resources and platform.

Eligibility and funding criteria – Startup Manipur

To be eligible for the registration under the scheme the applicant has to be a local resident of the state of Manipur by birth. The funds will be provided to the eligible candidates as per categories mentioned below:-

1. Student Startup

   ○  Eligibility –Students pursuing any Graduate / Post-Graduate / Degree / Master   courses are eligible.

  ○Benefit –

        ▪ Mentorship Programs for Students on weekend.

        ▪ Seed Funding and other support services.

 ○ Funding – For student startups, govt. will provide subsidy upto 25% of the total cost      (max. Rs. 5 Lakh)

 2. Women Startup–

  ○ Eligibility – Any women having a new startup can apply online.

  ○ Benefit –

        ▪ Mentorship, Incubation and Legal Support.

    ▪ They will also get financial support.

 ○ Funding – For women startups, govt. will provide subsidy of 25% of total project cost (max. Rs. 10 Lakh)

3. Idea Stage Startup –

  ○ Eligibility – Any person having an innovative and scalable business idea but requires     financial assistance to convert it into a profitable business.

  ○ Benefit –

    ▪  Mentorship, Incubation and Legal Support.

    ▪ Persons with innovative ideas will get financial support from govt.

 ○ Funding – For Idea Stage Startup, govt. will give subsidy of 25% of total project cost (max. Rs. 20 Lakh)

4. Revenue Stage Startup–

   ○ Eligibility – Existing entrepreneurs who already possess any innovative product /   service which generates revenue and requires funding for scaling up of business.

  ○ Benefit –

     ▪ Mentorship, Incubation and Legal Support.

     ▪ They will also get financial support.

  ○ Funding – For Revenue Stage Startup, govt. will provide funding between Rs. 20 lakh to 3 crore as per the report of Lending Bank and Investor Network.

centives to Startups in Manipur

At the startup level the state government has also announced to offer candidates with incentives to be given to candidates under each of the above mentioned categories.

Govt. will also provide various incentives to the startups whether it is student based, women based, idea based or revenue based. Incentives will be given for Ideation, Product Development, Product promotion and commercialization purposes.

  • The government will provide with incentives to the candidates on the basis of commercialization of the product, promotion of the product, developmental phase of the project and ideation of the product.
  • Detailed information related to the incentives can be viewed by the candidates over the official website. Apart from this all information related to NEDC for marketing, development, incubators and ideation can also be viewed on the official website along with selection criteria and promotional events.


Candidates can also see the information about Startup Environment Creation Components like NEDC, Business Incubators, Product Development, Market through the official website. Moreover for events of promotion and selection criteria please visit the official website startupmanipur.in/ .

The new startup initiative has been taken by the state government with an aim to help the new entrepreneurs come up with better innovative ideas that can be practically implemented for their benefit in the state. This new move will offer chance to the new innovators to share their views and ideas with the government for

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