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Published Date - 24 March 2018 04:27:04 Updated Date - 24 March 2018 04:29:23

On 15th of Dec in the year 2012, then Chief Minister Dr. Mukul Sangma has introduced the insurance scheme. Immediately after the official launch of the scheme, it has started implementing. This year in 2017, the scheme will start its 3rd phase of operation. From 1st   March  17, the third phase of the scheme has started.

Meghalaya state government has started a Universal Health Insurance Scheme namely Megha Health Insurance Scheme. Under this scheme all the inhabitants of the state except for the government employees (state and central) will get health insurance from the state government. The scheme is following the format and guidelines of Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana.The enrolment time under the scheme lasts for 4 months, from March to June. Within these 4 months beneficiaries will have register and enrol under this scheme.

The state government is providing a universal health insurance to all citizens of the State under Megha Health Insurance Scheme (MHIS). All the citizens can enroll in the scheme but they have to pay some nominal amount as the enrollment fee to avail the scheme benefits. This scheme is being implemented through New India Assurance Company Ltd.

The state government under the phase 3 of Megha Health Insurance Scheme has been increased to Rs. 2,80,000 for up to 5 members of the family on floater basis. The maximum one time hospitalization for critical care has also been increased to Rs 250000 from Rs 170000. The enrollment fee for MHIS phase 3 is Rs. 50 Rupees and does not have any age limit. The smart cards issued under the scheme can be used to avail free and cashless treatment at all government hospitals and empaneled private health institutions.


Megha Health Insurance Scheme (MHIS) 2017-18

The MeghaHealth Insurance Scheme (RSBY + UHIS) was launched on 15th December 2012 at Polo Grounds by the Honorable Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma. The vision of Megha Health Insurance Scheme is to see the Meghalaya State where each family is under the Universal Health Insurance Coverage receiving quality and affordable healthcare. Megha Health Insurance Scheme covers hospitalization expenses up to 2,00,000 for a family of five on a floater basis. A single beneficiary can avail a maximum of about 1,70,000 at one point of time. There are certain common exclusions under the scheme, which is as follows

  • Conditions that do not require hospitalization
  • Congenital external diseases
  • Drug and Alcohol Induced illness
  • Sterilization and Fertility related procedures
  • Vaccination
  • War, Nuclear invasion
  • Suicide
  • Naturopathy,Unani, Siddha, Ayurveda

MHIS Enrollment Process

An electronic list of eligible households is provided to the insurer, using a specified data format. An enrollment schedule for Megha Health Insurance Scheme at each village along with dates is prepared by the insurance company with the help of the district level officials. The date and location of the enrollment for MHIS scheme in each village will be widely known in advance. Mobile enrollment stations are set up at local centers in each village. These stations are equipped by the insurer with the hardware required to collect biometric information such as fingerprints and photographs of the members of the household covered and a printer to print smart cards with a photo. The smart card, along with an information pamphlet, describing the scheme and the list of hospitals, is provided on the spot once the beneficiary has paid the 31 rupee fee and the concerned Government Officer will authenticate the smart card. The MHIS Cards shall be handed over in a plastic cover

MHIS List of Beneficiaries

There are about 9 Lakh beneficiaries under the scheme who have enrolled themselves to take the insurance benefits. The complete list of beneficiaries of MHIS is not available for public download, however one can check his/her name in the beneficiary list at the official website of Megha Health Insurance Scheme at below link.

The candidates can check his/her name in the beneficiary list by entering full name of head of the family or by using the URN number along with the block and village.

District Wise enrollment data is available at and claims data at


MHIS Enrolment Schedule

Enrolment is going in all districts across the state of Meghalaya. The last date of enrolment has been extended to 30thOctober 2017. So individuals are advised to utilize this scheme by enrolling their details in the following locations.




East Khasi Hills


SNA MHIS Office, DHS Health Complex

West Khasi Hills


D.C. Office (Room 216), Nongstoin

South West Khasi Hills


Mawkyrwat CHC

Ri Bhoi


MUDA Complex Nongpoh (Room 114)

West Jaintia Hills


DM&HO Office Jowai

East Jaintia Hills


DM&HO Office Khliehriat

South Garo Hills


Baghmara Civil Hospital

East Garo Hills


D.C. Office Williamnagar

South West Garo Hills

Betasing & Zikzak

DM&HO Ampati

North Garo Hills


Resubelpara CHC

West Garo Hills


District Maternity & Child Hospital Tura



List of Hospitals Under Megha Health Insurance Scheme

The detailed list of government and empaneled hospitals is available on the official website at The state government has enlisted a total of 165 government and private health centers within the state and 30 outside the state. The complete list of MHIS hospitals can be viewed at the following link.

MHIS List of Hospitals

The empaneled MHIS hospitals which are located in other states can be checked be clicking the “Outside Meghalaya” button on the top of the screen.

MHIS Smart Card

Smart cards are issued to every beneficiary family under the scheme to avail free and cashless treatments under the scheme. However, if anyone has lost his/her smart card, it can be re-issued by the district kiosk.

The list of all the district kiosks is available at below link.
List of District Kiosks

Modification of smart cards at these kiosks; whereby a name of a family member can be added to a smart card if the Beneficiary did not enroll themselves at the time of enrollment.

Public Grievance and Helpline

The complaints and grievances by the scheme beneficiaries can be made online at this link or contact at the phone numbers of respective district grievance redressal committee. The phone numbers are also available at the same link.

The status of grievance can also be checked online on the same link on

Highlights of Megha Health Insurance Scheme (MHIS)

Below are some of the main highlights of MHIS

  • In first and second phase, the government provided insurance coverage of Rs. 1,60,000 to each enrolled beneficiary family for an enrollment fee of Rs. 31 per annum.
  • In the third phase, the government is providing insurance coverage of Rs. 2,80,000 for enrollment fee of Rs. 50 per annum for up to 5 members of a family on a floater basis.
  • Senior citizens belonging to BPL and NREGA category would receive an additional insurance cover of Rs. 30,000.
  • All pre-existing diseases are also covered under MHIS.
  • The validity of an insurance policy is one year but it can be renewed by paying a nominal amount.
  • The benefit of this scheme can only be availed in MHIS empaneled hospitals.
  • In addition, the beneficiary can also get treatment of secondary and tertiary care hospitals which have been empaneled outside the state of Meghalaya.

For more information about the scheme, please visit the official website at

Financial Assistance Details

  • Under this scheme the two phases are already done. In the previous two phases, the state government has provided Rs. 1, 60, 000/- coverage to each family on floater system. The enrolment fee, at that time, was Rs. 31/- per person.
  • In the third phase the amount has risen up to Rs. 2, 80, 000/- per family on floater system. Enrolment fees for this year will be Rs. 50/- per annum. No other fees or charges will be charged.
  • Additional senior citizen health insurance is available for the senior citizens of the state under this scheme. Rs. 30, 000/- additional coverage will be available for the senior citizens.
  • The scheme is called the universal scheme, so no doubt it is for all the people who are going to hospitalize. At the time of hospitalisation only the coverage will be provided.
  • Beneficiaries have to belong to the state Meghalaya. Senior citizens who are already enrolled under RSBY will get benefits of MHIS as well.
  • The health smart card is mandatory for the scheme. Beneficiaries who don’t have smart card are needed to issue the cards to get the benefits of the scheme.
  • No government officers or employees are allowed to register or enrol under the MHIS. None of the family members of the government employees can enrol under the scheme.

Eligibility of the scheme –

How to apply for the scheme

To apply for the scheme one has to issue the Health Smart Card. To get the card beneficiary is required to visit the nearest district offices that have a list of eligible people under the scheme prepared by the insurance company.


To know more about the scheme and the coverage details anyone can visit their official website   or call on their toll free helpline number 1800 212 3650. There is a grievance section under this scheme too. Those who have complaint against the scheme or scheme related issue can go to their official website .

This scheme will be helpful for all the people in the state. Unlike RSBY where only BPL card holders are eligible, MHIS is providing medical treatment for pre-existing diseases as well.


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