Bhoochetana – Soil Health Card Scheme for Farmers in Odisha

Published Date - 10 April 2018 03:50:26 Updated Date - 10 April 2018 03:55:01

The state government of Odisha has launched a new initiative named Bhoochetana on 9 April 2018. This Soil Health Card Scheme will include soil health mapping, info. on essential nutrients and will also provide financial support to the farmers. The new drive has been announced to be launched after its successful implementation in the state of Karnataka. Under the new initiative the government aims at transforming and improving the lives of million of farmers within the state. The government has made it clear that it shall enter into a MoA (Memorandum of Agreement) with concerned authority for fully implementation of the Bhoochetana scheme state wide.Accordingly soil card scheme is a 3 years agreement to reach around 6.1 million hectares of agricultural land in 30 districts. Soil Health Scheme is going to benefit around 4.35 million farmers in Odisha.

Bhoochetana, meaning revival of the land, involves soil health mapping, nutrient recommendations and hand holding to farmers. Already in Karnataka, over 4.75 million farmers have benefited from this scheme, which has led to a 20-66 percent crop increase and total net benefits of US$ 350 million.

As per the latest updates the state government and Agricultural department of Odisha has announced to make the implementation within near time in the state. The new scheme will be launched as a joint effort made by Government of Odisha’s Department of Agriculture and ICRISAT (International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics. The scheme will be implemented after the two sign up a joint MoA with each other.

Bhoochetana – Odisha Soil Health Card Scheme

Bhoochetana signifies “revival of land” and includes various practices like soil health mapping, providing nutrient recommendations to farmers. This initiative was firstly launched in Karnataka where it changes and completely transforms the life of 4.75 million poor farmers. Moreover this soil health scheme also results in significant increase in the crop production (20-66%) and net benefits around 350 million dollars.

Odisha Soil Health Scheme target to cover 6.1 million hectares in 30 districts. Bhoochetana will follow a scientific and innovative approach to achieve its targets. All the reports of soil analysis, nutrients and other treatment practices will be shared with the farmers.

The state gov. will also implement other improved practices for cultivation like local seed banks, land and water management practices and capacity building initiatives for farmers. Soil Health Card Scheme will focus on both the increase in productivity through judicious usage of inputs along with welfare of farmers like ensuring MSP and financial assistance.

Farmers can also opt for diversification to ensure food security in the state. New Soil Management practices will help in retaining of valuable nutrients in the farmland and restore the soil health. Bhoochetana Scheme will reduce the risk factor involved in farming and overall cultivation cost will also get reduced. For more details, visit the official website


Key features of  Bhoochetana

  • It is a type of beneficial scheme that is expected to offer benefit to over 4.35 million farmers of the state of Odisha after fully implemented. It is also expected that once the MoA has been signed and agreed for the implementation the scheme would benefit to over 6.1 million Hectares of farm lands state wide.
  • It is expected that during the implementation phase the scheme will offer benefit to over 30 districts in the state of Odisha. The benefit will be achieved by the state government and agricultural department in a time period of over three years from the date of implementation of the scheme.
  • The scheme after it has been implemented fully in the state will make use of more scientific approach for offering farmers with benefit. As the name suggests the scheme is aimed at improving the condition of the farm land within the state.
  • It will make use of the soil health mapping technology such that the farmers will be able to collect all relevant data related to maintaining soil nutrients for better crop produce. Apart from this the scheme will also offer all possible support to the state farmers in terms of information regarding to the soil health.
  • The state government of Odisha has decided to implement the new scheme within the state after looking into the benefits the scheme has offered to over 4.75 million farmers in the state of Karnataka. The scheme has already offered benefit to the farm land in Karnataka by increasing the crop production by 20 to 66 percent and an overall profit of USD 350 million.

With the implementation of the scheme the government expects to share soil treatment and nutrient management with farmers of the state. The farmers will be able to implement new techniques for better quality crop production. Apart from this, the government will also implement capacity building and land and water management practice along with provisions for seed banks locally.


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