Khushi Scheme Launched by Odisha Govt. – govt announces free distribution of sanitary napkins for school girls across the state

Published Date - 05 March 2018 06:00:42 Updated Date - 05 March 2018 06:01:33


The Odisha government  recently launched a scheme ‘Khushi’ in which all schoolgoing girls across the state will be provided with free sanitary napkins. The government has been consistently working towards empowering women, and this scheme has been launched with the same goal.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik launched the free sanitary napkin scheme for girl students from Class 6 to 12 in all the government and government-aided schools in the state.

"In continuation of our pro-women initiative, I am happy to announce "Khushi" universal provisioning of free sanitary napkins to all 17 lakh girls in government and government-aided schools from Class 6 to 12," the Chief Minister said.

"We will also expand social marketing of sanitary napkins for women and girls in the community at subsidised rates," he added.

Patnaik said this step will go a long way in promoting health and hygiene among school-going adolescent girls leading to higher retention in school and greater empowerment of women.

The state govt. will also extend social marketing for girl students in the community at subsidized rates. Accordingly, this scheme will promote health and menstrual hygiene and also reduces the dropout rates of the girls from schools.

Khushi Scheme is a major step towards Women Empowerment as this scheme will lead to higher retention of adolescent girls in schools.

Odisha Khushi Scheme – Details

The important features and highlights of this sanitary pad distribution scheme are as follows:-

  • This is a major step of the state govt. to help girls in maintaining menstrual hygiene and their health.
  • Accordingly, all the adolescent girls studying in 6th to 12th standard in several govt. / govt. aided schools will get these sanitary napkins absolutely free of cost.
  • Henceforth, this scheme is going to benefit around 17 lakh girls in the Odisha state.
  • Subsequently, govt. will extend this scheme and distribute sanitary pads at subsidized rates to all girls and women in the community.
  • Furthermore, the number of girls leaving the school due to unhygienic menstrual conditions will also get reduced.

Khushi Scheme aims at universal provisioning of free sanitary napkins and is a pro-women initiative. This scheme will lead to higher retention of girls in govt. and govt. aided schools and thus will lead to Women Empowerment.

Govt. will provide free sanitary napkins to the school girls. Moreover, women in the rural areas can get these pads at subsidized prices through Asha Workers. Furthermore, Odisha govt. has also successfully implemented various other schemes exclusively for women like Mission Shakti, Mission Mamata etc.

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