Mukhyamantri Kalakar Sahayata Yojana 2018 in Odisha –Financial Assistance for Artists

Published Date - 05 March 2018 05:47:38 Updated Date - 05 March 2018 05:48:07

Odisha govt. has launched Mukhyamantri Kalakar Sahayata Yojana (MMKSY) for artists. Subsequently, artists will receive a financial assistance of Rs. 1200 per month. Under this scheme, male artists with minimum 50 years of age and female artists with minimum 40 years of age can avail the financial assistance under this scheme. This scheme will benefit around 50,000 artists across the state.

MMKSY is essential to keep culture and heritage intact. Accordingly, state govt. lifts previous age limits of 60 years for men and 50 years for women artists. Moreover the assistance amount has been increased from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1200 p.m. In addition to this, state govt. will now provide allowance to 4000 beneficiaries as compared to 50,000 previously.

Odisha govt. has assigned the responsibility of identification of beneficiaries to the District Cultural Councils. This council will select the beneficiaries from all districts for MMKSY. Odisha govt. has made an announcement and launched this scheme on 15 January 2018.

Scheme Name

Odisha Mukhyamantri Kalakar Sahayata Yojana 2018

Launched By

Odisha State Government


Financial Assistance



Tentative Launch

15th January 2018



Age limitation

Males: 50 years
Females: 40 years

Check the above table to get an overall idea about the Sarkari Yojana. We have tried to cover almost all the basic details in that table. Therefore, go through it. The Main objective of this Odisha Mukhyamantri Kalakar Sahayata Yojana 2018is to encourage the Culture and Heritage. So, apparently, the Government of Odisha Government lifts the Previous Age limitations. Also, the Government of Odisha State worked on increasing the Payment for the Artists. Previously, the amount is Rs.1000. Now, the State Government of Odisha increased it to Rs.1200 Per Month. And along with 40,000 previous beneficiaries, now the Odisha State Government is also giving allowance for around 50000 people. This is surely a great hope for all the artists. And this Odisha Mukhyamantri Kalakar Sahayata Yojana will make them Financially strong. Also, now the Odisha State Government is in work of assigning the responsibility in identifying the eligible beneficiaries.


Mukhyamantri Kalakar Sahayata Yojana (MMSKY) – Features

The important features and highlights of this Artist Allowance Scheme are as follows:-

  • MMKSY scheme will provide Rs. 1200 p.m allowance to artists. Earlier, the artist allowance amount was Rs. 1000 p.m
  • Subsequently, the state govt. will give this allowance amount to 50,000 artists across various districts across the state. Previously, govt. was providing allowance to only 4000 artists.
  • Accordingly, Male artists with 50 years and female artists with 40 years of age will get this allowance. Previously, the age limit for male artists was 60 years and for female was 50 years.
  • Moreover under this new scheme for artists, district cultural council will identify the beneficiaries. Previously, cultural department was given the authority for identification of artists.
  • Furthermore, MMKSY will facilitate the identification of artists from all districts.

This scheme is a historic move of the state govt. for the welfare of artists. Artists form a very important part of the society and helps to keep the culture and our heritage intact.


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