Namo Yojana Center (NYC)Inaugurated by Amit Shah– Sewa / Sahayata Kendra for Poor People

Published Date - 10 March 2018 04:46:07 Updated Date - 10 March 2018 04:52:43

NaMo Yojana Sahayata Kendra : BJP president Amit Shah inaugurated NaMo Yojana Kendra (NYK) / NaMo Yojana Sahayata Kendra which will help the people regarding various schemes and policies formulated by the Central government. Namo Kendra is a one-of-a-kind facilitation centre where the general public will get first-hand information about various Central government schemes such as Jan Dhan Yojana, MUDRA, Ujjwala Yojana.

Vijay Goel also said the Centre would also involve RWAs and other stakeholders to create awareness among masses through Namo Yojana Kendra. NaMo Sewa Kendra would also stress on Learn & Teach technique so that volunteers and other workers can learn about various schemes, benefits, eligibility etc.

With the intention of spreading the various welfare schemes and policies which are introduced by the current central government led by BJP among the common people of the nation, the Namo Yojana Kendra has been initiated. Recently, the nation’s first ever Namo Yojana Kendra was inaugurated.

At Namo Yojana Centers, govt. will link around 112 central govt. schemes. These centers will carry forward the govt’s initiative “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas”. Poor and downtrodden people can resolve their queries and doubts at these centers and can avail the benefits of such schemes.

This decision came after the historic win of NDA govt. in 3 North eatern states of Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland. Mr. Amit Shah stated that this win is due to universal acceptance and acclaim of central govt. schemes.


Launch details 

On 5th of March 2018, the BJP party’s President Mr. Amit Shah has opened the NaMo Yojana Kendra at the nation’s capital. The Union Minister Mr. Vijay has played a vital role on the implementation of the NaMo Yojana Kendra in the Delhi region.

Namo Yojana Center – Sewa / Sahayata Kendra

Namo Yojana Kendra is one-of-a-kind facilitation center. Subsequently, general public can get first-hand information about Central government schemes such as PM MUDRA YojanaPM Ujjwala YojanaPM Awas Yojana etc. Accordingly, this scheme will work on “Learn and Teach Technique” to train volunteers to learn about the scheme benefits, eligibility etc and teach them to the masses.

Central govt. has flagged off various schemes for welfare of poor and downtrodden people. In addition to this, govt. also focuses on successful implementation of these schemes. Namo Yojana Center will act as one stop center to make people aware about PM Yojana and also to resolve their queries.

NYK are of paramount importance for the implementation of Sabka Saath Sabka vikas. People can access a lot of information on internet via mobile phones or computers but still a large number of people does not have access to these devices. This initiative will prove a boon for people who are deprived despite being eligible to take benefits of scheme.

Moreover, Amit Shah has applauded spirit and performance of his party workers for historic win in NER. Central govt. has linked 112 schemes at these centers. People who are clueless about the procedure and operation of various schemes will get benefited and then can take benefits of such schemes. Accordingly, this move is a first of kind initiative in Nation’s history with an aim to provide comfort to poor and downtrodden.

Key Points and Highlighting Features

  • The newly opened Namo Kendra is a new initiative to connect the public of the nation with 112 welfare schemes which are introduced by the current government under the leadership of Narendra Modi.
  • The initiatives for opening NaMo Kendra has been taken by the Modi’s government ministers and party MPs, so that the common man can easily get involved with the government’s plans and they have no problem in taking advantage of the scheme.
  • Shat has conveyed that the golden era of the party will be emerged only after achieving the victories in the states Odisha, Kerala, Karnataka and West Bengal.

How it works?

Through this NaMo center, the general public can not only get information about the plans of the Modi’s government, but they will also get the vital information like about how the benefits of these schemes can be taken and also whether they are eligible for these schemes along with the details of scheme progress.


Amit Shat Speech on the Occasion

After opening the Kendra center of NaMo, the BJP president Mr. Shah has pointed the factor still many people of the nation are lacking behind the usage of modern technologies like smart phones and so. For such people, these NaMo centers will help them to know about the central government’s welfares schemes and help me to identify whether they are eligible to avail benefits of those schemes.

This unique effort taken by the Union minister Mr. Vijay Goel, for the opening of Namo center is an important step on inching towards the execution of party’s mantra ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’ also known as ‘Sabka with all development’.

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