victim or their Dependents Compensation Scheme 2017 Approved by Punjab Govt.

Published Date - 06 March 2018 04:20:22 Updated Date - 06 March 2018 04:21:06

The Punjab State Government has officially announced the approval of the most awaited Punjab Victim or their Dependent Compensation Scheme for the year 2017. This is a very unique step taken by the state government as the scheme primarily aims at offering with benefits to the dependents and victims of crimes, within the state. The benefit will be given away by the Punjab state government as a compensation amount.

The Punjab victim or their Dependents Compensation Scheme 2017 has been notified by the Department of Home Affairs and Justice. The state government will bear the entire cost of the scheme. However, the central government will provide one-time assistance of Rs. 4.01 crore to crime victims and their dependents.

The state government will make a special provision every year in its budget to provide the fund to the Department of Legal and Legislative Affairs.


Launch Details

The New scheme was given its approval in the state’s Cabinet Ministry on Nov 2017, under the leadership of the state government. According to sources, the entire process for the implementation and launch will be taken over by Home Affair’s and Justice Department directly. For smooth implementation the above mentioned department will on regular basis provide all necessary funds to the Legislative Affairs and Legal Department.

Key Features of the scheme

  • Compensation Beneficiaries – According to the new scheme, the Punjab government has already made it clear that the scheme is a compensational scheme. According to regulation mentioned, the scheme will offer benefit as compensation to the dependents and relatives of victims involved in different categories of crimes within the state. The list of crimes include activities like Rape, Acid attacks, Physical abuse, Sexual assault, Burns, etc. the benefits will be offered to victims alive and their dependents (incase the victim is dead), irrespective of age or gender.
  • Implementation – According to the sources, the Justice and Home affairs department shall provide with all required notifications to the respective Legislative affairs and Legal department for smoothly implementing the scheme within the entire state. Besides, the overall process of providing with sufficient funds for fuelling the scheme will be undertaken completely by State government in accordance to the assistance by Central government.
  • Benefits provided under the new scheme – Compensation will be provided to dependents and victims by state government. They will also get other benefits including plastic surgery, medication, treatment expense and hospital facility.
  • Special provision for under age victims – According to provisions made by the state government, on account of crimes committed against under aged victims (below 14 years of age) then 50 percent additional compensation will be paid to the victim.


The Punjab Victim or Their Dependents Compensation Scheme 2017

Under the scheme, the victim of acid attack will get the amount of Rs. 3 lakh. In addition, the government will also provide 100 percent medical reimbursement including medicine, food, bedding and plastic surgery/reconstructive surgery to the victims, if required, at government approved hospitals. This scheme is being launched following the orders of the Supreme Court of India.

Moreover, the compensation amount will be increased by 50 percent for the victim who are under 14 years of age. Below given are the various compensation amount which will be provided to different types of victims.


Types of victims

Compensation amount

Acid Attack Victims

Rs. 3 Lakh + 100% medical reimbursement

Rape Victims

Rs. 3 Lakh

Death due to Acid Attack

Rs. 5 lakh

Murder with Rape

Rs. 4 lakh

Physical abuse of Minor

Rs. 2 lakh

Sexual Assault

Rs. 50,000

Human Trafficking Victim

Rs. 1 lakh

Death due to Sexual Assault

Rs. 2 lakh

Permanent Disability (80% or more of body)

Rs. 2 lakh

Partial Disability (40% to 80% of body)

Rs. 1 lakh

Burns excluding acid attacks (more than 25% of body)

Rs. 2 lakh

Loss of fertility

Rs. 1.5 lakh

Loss of Foetous

Rs. 50000

This scheme will be made operational by the Department of Home Affairs and Justice. This department is a nodal agency to execute the scheme which would regulate, administer as well as monitor the scheme. In addition, the department will also ensure the release of the appropriate amount to State Legal Services Authority. However, the District Legal Services Authorities will also get the appropriate amount as per their requirements without delay.

The interested candidate can download the PDF of the scheme at the link given below.
Punjab victim or their Dependents Compensation Scheme 2017



All funds for compensation will be paid by both central and state government to victims. A set budget of Rs 4.01 crore will be offered as one time assistance amount by the central government. On regular basis, as and when required, the state government shall provide with required funds.

Amount Details

  • A minimum fund of Rs 3 lakh each shall be offered by the government to the victims suffering on account of Acid attacks. On account of death of the victim during this attack the state government will provide with an assistance of Rs 5 lakh each.
  • The government will provide medical expense for surviving victims of acid attack to be paid for hospital expense for treatment.
  • For the victims of Rape in the state, the government shall be providing with a minimum of Rs 3 lakhs as compensation amount. In case the victim of Rape dies after the incidence, then the dependents of the victim shall be provided with compensation of Rs 4 lakhs.
  • Physically abused minor victim will be compensated with an amount equivalent to around Rs 2 lakh by the state government.
  • The victim of human trafficking will be provided with a compensation of Rs 1 lakh each by the state government that can be made use of for rehabilitation.
  • If the victim has been sexually assaulted the she or he is entitled for a compensation of Rs 50,000. If the victim dies after this incident then a compensation of Rs 2 lakh shall be paid to the dependents.
  • If the victim of sexual assault suffers over 80 percent injury or disability then he or she will be given a compensation of Rs 2 lakh, and in case of partial disability this compensation will be Rs 1 lakh (40 to 80 percent).
  • If the victim suffers from burns then a compensation of Rs 2 lakhs shall be paid if he or she has suffered over 25 percent burns. This shall not be valid if the victim suffers burns on account of acid attack.
  • Victim suffering on account of fetus loss during violence shall be entitled for claiming a compensation of Rs 50,000 by the state government. In case the victim faces fertility loss then she will be paid compensation of Rs 1.5 lakhs.

With the implementation of this scheme the state government aims at providing with help hand to the victims or people related to them. The new move will ensure that victims of criminal activities get a chance to recover, physically and mentally.


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