Now Pregnant Women Registration made Compulsory in Tamil Nadu for Birth Certificate Under RCH Scheme

Published Date - 12 March 2018 02:39:23 Updated Date - 12 March 2018 02:41:37

If you are pregnant, you may soon have to break the news to the state government.
Tamil Nadu is planning to make it mandatory for all pregnant women to register themselves with the health department to ensure that the pregnancy and child birth happen safely. Those who don't register pregnancy will not get to register the child birth, and hence not get a birth certificate for the child.

The Public Health Department in Tamil Nadu State has announced the Pregnant women registration mandatory to apply for Childs Birth Certificate. The facility has been provided by the state government and health department online via web portal services. The registration has been made compulsory so that immediate after the delivery, child can be registered for birth certificate. The facility will be offered to the expected mother from various Health care centers.

By July, when the scheme is launched, women will also be allowed to register by calling a dedicated non-emergency medical number, 102, or through any private hospital. "It's an ambitious project that attempts to bring down maternal and infant mortality rates by keeping a tab on every pregnant woman in the state," said health secretary J Radhakrishnan.

The registration will help the health department track the expectant mothers' medical records, send reminders for doctor's visits, and warn them about anaemia, diabetes and hypertension. For the past one year, a special platform called Pregnancy Infant Cohort Monitoring and Evaluations (PICME), is being tested in three districts of Tamil Nadu.

For birth certificates, women have to submit 12 digit RCH ID Number which they receive from village health nurses on ante-natal registration, at the hospital where the child is born.

Govt. will make sure that all pregnant women in the TN state are registered. Accordingly, this step is necessary to provide them appropriate care which the pregnant women needs. Moreover, this move will lead to reduction in Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) and Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) in Tamil Nadu.



Implementation Details

The initiative taken by the state government will offer the process of registration under the RCH (Reproductive and Child Health) department. The process for implementation will be available online at

Pregnant Women Registration in Tamil Nadu

Department of Public Health is the sole body for Registration of Pregnant Women under RCH Scheme. Accordingly, various government hospitals, primary health centers and health sub-centers provides ante-natal care in case of a new born baby. Moreover, Village Health Nurses (VHN) carry out this work in the rural areas while the Urban health Nurses (UHN) carry out this task in urban areas.

In addition to this, they make registration of the pregnant ladies and also monitor several expectant mothers. For this, these hospitals and nurses observes the details of ante-natal care being given to them. Afterwards, VHNs uploads the documents of the pregnant ladies on the Pregnant and Infant Cohort Monitoring and Evaluation (PICME) software to obtain a 12 digit number – RCH ID.

Moreover, candidates can also get this RCH ID at PHCs, Urban PHCs and other govt. hospitals through online registration at PICME. In addition to this, candidates can obtain this RCH ID from Common Service Centers (CSCs) in rural & urban areas or by calling Helpline Number 102. Moreover, these women can also avail the benefits of Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy Maternity Assistance Scheme.

Now Pre-registration facility is also available for pregnant women on the official website get their RCH ID.


Process for obtaining Birth certificates

  • The moment any child is born the mother of the child has to get registered under the scheme for claiming for the birth certificate of eh child. At this time the authority would expect the mother to provide her RCH ID number (12 digit Code).
  • The number is issued to the expected mother from the health care center of the village at the time of registration during ante-natal stage. The registration is done by the mother in the same hospital where she would give her delivery.
  • This step will ensure the state government that each woman in the state is at least registered at the time of pregnancy. The government can thus provide with all beneficial help to the pregnant women.
  • The drive has also been implemented in the state with an aim to help control the MMR (Maternal Mortality Rate) and IMR (Infant Mortality rate) from within the state.




Is RCH number will get after the child born ? Becaz We didn't get any proper intimation from hospitals

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