Tamilnadu Govt. Launches Amma Bio-Fertilizers Scheme & Uzhavan App for Farmers

Published Date - 11 April 2018 03:48:36 Updated Date - 11 April 2018 03:50:03

Tamil Nadu Government launched bi-lingual ‘Uzhavan’ (farmer) mobile application in a bid to use technology for benefit of farmers. It was launched by Chief Minister K Palaniswami in state capital Chennai. The app available in Tamil and English language will allow ryots to have access to nine types of services, including details about their crop insurance.

This scheme will help in retaining essential nutrients in the land and restore soil health. Under this scheme, agricultural dept will distribute 3,000 metric tonnes of carrier based fertilisers and 6 lakh litres liquid bio-fertilizers in 2018-19.

Agriculture dept. is implementing this scheme in TN for the past 20 years but now it has repackaged into “Amma-bio fertilisers Scheme” in the memory of former AIADMK head late Sh. J Jayalalithaa. There are around 22 carrier based bio fertilizers production units with production capacity of 3,000 MT. TN govt. will distribute it in 200g packets.

TN Agricultural Dept. has 880 Amma facilitation centres to create awareness and linking farmers to markets and networks. To preserve soil health and enhance yield, govt. has launched Uzhavan App.

Amma Bio-Fertilizers Scheme

Tamil Nadu Government also launched ‘Amma Bio-Fertiliser’ scheme named after late Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa. It is aimed at better management of nature farming and help boost and maintain soil fertility.

On the name of late CM J. Jayalalithaa, TN govt. has renamed this scheme as Amma Bio-Fertilizers Scheme. Bio Fertilizers are just a supplement to the inorganic fertilizers as it is not possible to replace them altogether. These bio-fertilizers are of 2 types – carrier based and liquid based.

Carrier based incorporation of micro-organisms enables easy-handling, long-term storage facility and high effectiveness of bio fertilizers. Carrier based bio-fertilizers contains effective micro-organisms which strengthen the roots of plants.

Liquid bio fertilizers generally possess a longer shelf life which is around 12 to 24 months. These are produced in 12 production units having capacity of 6 lakh litres p.a. In 2016-2017, govt. distributes around 2,999 MT of carrier based and 2.71 lakh ltr liquid bio-fertilizers.

There should be a proper balance between the beneficial living organisms and the outside environment to ensure excellent health of plants. Soil always consists of microbes which should be retained for good yield. The state govt. is making every possible effort to assure organic plant health. For this reason, TN govt. focuses on using bio-control agents and parasites for the control of pests and diseases under Amma Bio-Fertilizers Scheme.

Uzhavan Mobile App for Farmers

The app can be downloaded from Google Playstore. It can be used by farmers to get information on farm subsidies, book farm equipment and related  infrastructure .It will also help them to get details on their crop insurance, besides receiving weather forecast for next four days. It will also provide information on available stocks of seeds and fertilisers in local government and private stores.
This mobile app will allow farmers to avail 9 types of services which also includes crop insurance details. Any person can download this bi-lingual app from Google Playstore. Through this application, farmers will get info. on farm subsidies, booking farm equipment, related infrastructure, crop insurance details along with weather forecast for next 4 days.

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At the official launch event, CM also handed farm machinery (tractors) to the farmers having total cost of Rs. 14.10 crore. Govt. will provide these equipments at nominal rent. In addition, CM also inaugurated an eco-park at Agastheeswaram on NH-47 with total cost of Rs 15 crore. TN govt. will also open a new dormitory for children of construction workers at Thaiyur village in Kancheepuram district.

Highlights of Uzhavan Mobile App

● The Uzhavan  app would provide complete real-time information about agricultural operations and offer nine services, including details on crop insurance.

● The farmers could get weather updates for the next four days and price information about agricultural inputs with gthe help of this app.

●The app, available on Google Play Store, would provide information on subsidies available for schemes under various categories — seeds, machinery, solar pump set, shade net, poly house, pack house, hi-tech nursery, small nursery, new tissue culture lab etc.plastic mulching, beehives, pre-cooling chamber, reefer van, mobile vendor cart, low-cost onion storage.

●The other highlights of the app, available in Tamil and English, include information on the available stocks of seeds and fertilizers in local government and private stores.

●The move was part of the government’s effort to take to the ’next level’, use of technology to aid farmers in their profession.

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