KCR Mega Health Cum Life Insurance Scheme 2018 in Telangana –Rs. 5 lakh free for Ryots Farmers

Published Date - 12 March 2018 03:55:57 Updated Date - 12 March 2018 03:56:57

Telangana government has announced KCR Mega Health Cum Life Insurance Scheme for Ryots. Subsequently, the state govt. will provide an insurance cover of Rs. 5 lakh p.a for health-care and hospitalization and even in the case of death. Accordingly, KCR govt. is going to allocate Rs. 500 crore in Telnagana Budget 2018-19 for successful implementation of this health-cum-life insurance scheme. Moreover, this scheme will benefit around 70 lakh small and marginal farmers in the state.

With an aim to offer more benefits to the state farmers, the Chief Minister of Telangana state K Chandrashekhar Rao has announced to launch a new scheme. As per statements collected the new scheme is a type of two in one scheme for Health and life insurance coverage. It is also clear that the new scheme will be launched in the state wide to offer benefit for Ryots. As per the statements made by the CM the scheme is set to offer an overall coverage of Rs 5 lakh on yearly basis.

Under Mega Health Cum Life Insurance Scheme, govt. will provide the insurance amount to the families of farmers in case of accidental death or death due to any natural cause. Henceforth, farmers will not have to pay any premium for this insurance coverage. Telangana state govt. will bear the entire premium amount for the benefit of farmers.

KCR announced this pro-farmer initiative in response to a farmer seeking insurance in Regional Conference of Mandal Level Farmers Coordination Committee. This Regional Rythu Samanvaya Committees awareness meeting event held at Ambedkar Stadium on 26 February 2018.


Launch Details

Officially the new life sum health scheme for state farmers was disclosed by the CM of the state on 26th February 2018. The scheme for implementation will be launched state wide under the set budget decided by the state government. Scheme will be implemented from 2nd June 2018.

Telangana Mega Health Cum Life Insurance Scheme – Application Forms

Similar to other schemes, farmers have to fill the application forms to avail the benefits of this Mega Health Cum Life Insurance Scheme. Accordingly, KCR govt. will soon send the insurance application forms to the villages. Henceforth, FCC members will ensure that each and every farmer in rural areas fills this Insurance Form.

FCC members are given the responsibility to provide insurance facilities to all ryots. Moreover, for the welfare of farmers, govt. is also going to start Input Assistance Scheme / Farmers Investment Support Scheme (FISS)  to provide financial assistance of Rs. 4000 per acre for Yasangi and Kharif crops.

Moreover, FISS Scheme is not for tenant farmers as the rules of Tenant Act are very strict. As per the rules in Tenant Act, tenant farmers are not actual farmers rather other farmers cultivate their land. Accordingly, around 97% of farmers in the state cultivates their land on their own instead of giving it on rent to other.

Moreover, all types of orchards and non-tribal cultivating land are eligible for financial assistance under FISS Scheme. Henceforth, FISS scheme will protect the interest of land owners with total outlay of Rs. 12000 crore.

Key features of Telangana Mega Health Cum Life Insurance Scheme

  • Coverage amount: One of the main benefits is that under the scheme an insurance coverage amount of Rs 5 lakhs will be offered to the beneficiary on an annual basis. The amount can be used by the beneficiaries for making the payment towards hospitalization charges and for other healthcare issues.
  • The insurance coverage would also be offered to the beneficiaries in case of death. The state government has clearly stated that the new insurance cum health care scheme is specially designed for implementation for state farmers.
  • Beneficiars: As per the latest stats collected by the sources after the last survey, it is expected that the new scheme will at least offer coverage and benefit to over 70 lakh farmers from different districts within the Telangana state.
  • As per the government statements, the depending family members of the Ryot after his death will be able to claim for complete insurance coverage from the state government. The amount of insurance coverage will be paid to the Ryot’s family in case of natural or accidental death of the farmer registered under the scheme.
  • Premium : As per the statements made by the CM the state government of Telangana state will be bearing the entire cost of Premiums on behalf of the state farmer.
  • With an aim to offer with ease of implementation of the scheme village wise the state government will be distributing the insurance forms amongst different villages via FCC members.


Minimum Support Price – MSP Issue of Farmers

CM KCR also responded on the question of Minimum Support Price (MSP) of the farmers. Central govt. has the authority to fix and announce the MSP of crops. Telangana govt. is making every possible effort to increase the MSP and is also raising this issue in the parliament.

Telangana govt. seeks Rs. 2200 MSP for Paddy and also urges the Central govt. to enhance the MSP of Wheat. Furthermore, the state govt. will launch an agitation in support of farmers if Central govt. does not take any positive decision on MSP.



As per the latest recommendations the state government of Telangana has announced to allocate an official budget of Rs 500 crore to be implemented in the scheme for effective launch state wide.As per the state government by implementing the above said scheme the government will ensure that each and every farmer of the state is able to get its benefit by filling in the forms.


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