Telangana Farmers to get new Passbook under Land Records Registration Policy at Dharani

Published Date - 12 March 2018 04:14:25 Updated Date - 12 March 2018 04:16:11

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has announced that the new passbooks would be distributed among the farmers on March 11.

The Chief Minister declared that the distribution programme would be graced either by President Ram Nath Kovind or by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Telangana State government will soon distribute new passbooks to the farmers to record and track their land related details. Farmers will have to register for the scheme under which all the farmers, irrespective of land holdings, will get new passbooks for free.

In this programme, hailed as a model, all the details of land records were there with the government and new passbooks were being printed with this latest information.

Rao disclosed that all this information would be put online and the entire process would be operated like the Core Banking system on the website named as Dharani.

He said that a transparent and corrupt-free land and reforms based registration policy would come into force from March 11. The land administration and records would be done under jurisdiction revenue department, hence Vakati Karuna, Land Administration Director, is given the full additional charge as Commissioner Stamps and registration.

He added that based on this information, Input Subsidy scheme would be implemented and new passbooks will be distributed.

Rao also announced that the land transactions would be updated on the Dharani site like the Core Banking System. An exclusive I-T wing would be created and all the transactions updates of the land would be posted online the same day. The sale and purchase of lands can also be done with the Dharani information.

The Chief Minister has decided to make registration facility available at every Mandal Office for the benefit of farmers and people.

Rao said that to eradicate corruption, fake documents in registration, sale and purchase of lands, maintaining of the land records, transparency that the new reforms are being introduced.

"We should put an end to farmers and other people running around the government offices. They should come to the registration office only once. Registration should be done without giving any chance to corruption. The government is strengthening land records maintenance and reforms are brought in for the same purpose. Dharani would record every transaction", the Chief Minister said.

Free Passbooks to Telangana Farmers

The important features and highlights of this programme are as follows:-

  1. Telangana govt. is going to implement this programme as a model. This new passbook will contain all details of land records which are present with the govt. agencies.
  2. Subsequently, govt. will put all the information on an official website – Dharani. Thus, the state govt. will implement this process just like a Core Banking System.
  3. Govt. will update all the land transactions on this website on a daily basis. People can also use this information for sale and purchase of land. For this reason, govt. has created an IT wing to update this info.
  4. Revenue department will take over the process of land administration and records maintenance.
  5. This will bring a new transparent and corruption free “Land and Reforms Based Registration Policy”.
  6. On 11 March 2018, govt. will implement an Input Subsidy Scheme and also distribute new passbooks to Telangana Farmers.
  7. KCR also announced that all the farmers can avail this registration facility at each Mandal Office.
  8. Furthermore for eliminating corruption, govt. will introduce new reforms – put an end to fake documents for Registration, Sale and Purchase of lands. In addition to this, process of Land Records Maintenance will also get introduced.

This will ease down the process for farmers and other people. Now, people don’t have to make unnecessary visits to the govt. offices. They shall come to the registration office only once which will further eradicate corruption. Accordingly, govt. will strengthen land records maintenance and other reforms through the official website Dharani which will record each transaction.

How to get the passbooks

To get registered with the website and get the passbook, farmers can visit Mandal Offices in respective districts. Registration process will be done by the officials in Mandal Offices.

This is a unique scheme in the state. Before Telangana, none of the states have started such system of passbook. Along with the system, the state will also introduce the Input Assistance Scheme. Under this scheme farmers will get subsidy for their inputs while cropping their field.

This system will make things much easier for both farmers and the government. It will be stronger way to maintain all kinds of information and record regarding land holdings. Hence less of corruption will take place.

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