UP Gau Gram Scheme – UP Govt.Preparing plan to open Cowsheds to Tackle Problem of Farmers due to Stray Cows

Published Date - 17 February 2018 03:43:35 Updated Date - 17 February 2018 03:44:32

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has said that the state government is preparing a plan to open cowsheds to tackle the problem of stray cows.

Laying the foundation stone of Mahamana “Gau Gram” scheme in Vrindavan for the development of 108 villages, he said the government is preparing a plan for opening gaushalas in a phased manner to overcome the problem faced by farmers over stray cows.

Mr Adityanath said cowsheds will be opened initially in urban areas and then it will be opened at tehsils and villages.

He asked people to support such cowsheds. He said the government has saved cows from slaughter and now it will find a way for their proper rearing.

Asserting that the state government would provide assistance for opening new cowsheds, the Chief Minister said a plan is on the offing to provide to every farmer two high milk-yielding cows of indigenous breed.

This scheme for cows will help in preventing them for being slaughtered. In addition to this, this scheme will enable farmers to rear cows and earn additional income through the sale of their milk, urine and cow dung.

In this scheme, every farmer will get two high milk yielding cows of indigenous breed. Hasanand Gauchar Bhoomi Trust is the office bearer for this scheme.

Uttar Pradesh Gau Gram Scheme

The important features and highlights of this scheme are as follows:-

  • UP Gau Gram Yojana is an essential move for the protection and conservation of cows.
  • Farmers can make extra earnings from cow milk which is a good source of protein and even from cow urine which farmers can use as organic manure.
  • Initially, govt. will open cowsheds in urban areas and afterwards, govt. will open these in various tehsils and villages. Moreover, govt. will seek support from the common people to support such cowsheds.
  • The primary objective of this Gau Gram Scheme is to prevent cows from slaughtering and to open cowshed for their proper rearing.
  • In this scheme, govt. will provide financial assistance to open cow sheds in gaushalas. Accordingly, UP govt. is planning to open more gaushala in the state in a phased manner.
  • Hasanand Gochar Bhoomi Trust will promote opening of cowsheds under “Mahamana Gogram Yojana” and will accommodate 10,000 cows of indigenous breed.

CM Yogi Aadityanath has laid the foundation stone of Mahamana Gau Gram Scheme in Vrindavan. Moreover, govt. is also planning to launch a new scheme to provide 2 cows of indigenous breed to each farmer.




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