Uttar Pradesh Kisan Uday Yojana to Provide Pump Sets to Farmers

Published Date - 15 February 2018 12:34:07 Updated Date - 15 February 2018 12:34:37

Uttar Pradesh State government has launched a new scheme for the farmers. The name of the scheme is Kisan Uday Yojana. In this scheme State government will provide the energy efficient pumps to the State farmers. AS we all know many farmers are struggling to earn even essential livelihood. So every government is trying their best to improve the conditions of farmers. This scheme is one such step where government is trying to help the farmers. Farmers need pumps for the irrigation purposes and State government will provide them efficient pumps. The capacity of the pumps will depend on the requirement of the farmer. In this article all the information of the scheme is been provided.

This scheme is going to reduce the dependence of farmers on the conventional power pumps which utilizes 35% more energy. Moreover, farmers can turn the pump on or off through their cell phones. In addition to this, the farmers will also get free of cost maintenance for the upcoming 5 years.

This scheme is going to benefit all citizens as the common man can utilize the energy which is saved from the use of these energy efficient pumps. Kisan Uday Yojana will also lowers the input cost in agriculture and will also raise the income of the farmers. UP state govt. has launched this scheme on 23 December 2017.


Uttar Pradesh Kisan Uday Yojana Details

Scheme Name

Uttar Pradesh Kisan Uday Yojana

State Name

Uttar Pradesh

Launch Date


Launched By

State Government

Launched For

UP Farmers

Expected Number of Beneficiaries

Around 10 Lakhs

This scheme is launched for the benefit of the State farmers. The expected number of Beneficiaries farmers from the scheme will be around 10 Lakhs. According to the officials this scheme will be seen under implementation in various districts of the State. The scheme is launched on 23rd of December 2017 by the State government after the cabinet approval. Under this scheme the distribution of the [pumps to the farmers will be carries out till 2022. So every farmer who requires efficient pumps will get them. As mentioned above this scheme is launched for the Uttar Pradesh farmers. The detail about the scheme is in the article below. So to know more about the scheme keep reading this article till the end.

  • For the eligibility of the scheme farmers must be of Uttar Pradesh State. This scheme is only for the farmers of the State and not for anyone else.
  • The farmers who want to take the benefit of the scheme must have the land on his/her name. The land owned by the farmer must falls under the UP State area.

Kisan Uday Yojana – Features

The important features and highlights of this scheme are as follows:-

  • UP state govt. has launched this scheme in Baghpat for farmers.
  • Subsequently, govt. will provide energy efficient pumps to the farmers to save energy in agricultural activities.
  • This scheme is to achieve target of “Power For All” till 2022.
  • In addition to the energy conservation, Kisan Uday Yojana will also reduce the input cost for farming which will further improve individual income of the farmers.
  • Moreover, these pump sets given to the farmers will increase savings as these pumps consumes 35% lesser energy as compared to the other traditional pumps.
  • Furthermore, farmer’s can take benefits of the UP govt’s recent move to reduce the per unit cost for power.

This scheme is going to benefit the farmers to a large extent by raising their income from agricultural activities. Moreover, this scheme will also conserve the energy for various other purposes.

Essential Features of Pump Sets

The essential features of the pumps to get distributed are as follows:-

  1. Govt. will provide energy efficient pump sets in 2 variants according to their capacity – 5.0 Horse Power (HP) and 7.5 Horse Power (HP).
  2. Subsequently, UP govt. will also provide smart kit which will enable farmers to switch On / Off these pumps from their phones.
  3. Finally, the state govt. will also bears the maintenance cost of these pumps for next 5 years.

Implementation of Kisan Uday Yojana

UP state govt. launches this scheme on the birth anniversary of former PM, Chaudhary Charan Singh (23-Dec-2017). Subsequently, the state govt. will implement this scheme in phases to achieve distribution of 10 lakh pumps till 2022. Govt. will cover the following districts in 1st phase:-
a) Ghazipur
b) Gorakhpur
c) Varanasi
d) Ambedkarnagar
e) Mathura
f) Aligarh

This scheme will also provide benefits to the common public because energy will get conserved. Furthermore, the state govt. will utilize the saved units (from use of pumps) to provide power supply in other backward areas.


Pump Specifications Under Uttar Pradesh Kisan Uday Yojana

  • Every pump that will be distributed by the State government is going to be energy efficient.
  • Mainly the pumps are of two types according to their capacity which are 7.5 HP and 5 HP.
  • The pumps will be installed with the latest technology and farmers can switch “off” and “on” the pumps with the help of their smartphones.
  • State government is also providing the 5 years of free maintenance warranty on the pumps.
  • Conclusion of Uttar Pradesh Kisan Uday Yojana
  • This scheme is a great initiative by the State government. This scheme will help the farmers in saving their fuel as well as money. On the other hand this scheme will also help the common people. As the energy will be saved by the farmers, thus more energy will be available to common people. This scheme will help government to solve the electricity problem in the State.

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