West Bengal Govt. Launches Special Pension Scheme for 3 Lakh Pensioners

Published Date - 15 March 2018 05:49:02 Updated Date - 16 March 2018 12:21:48

The new pension scheme will be completely regulated and supervised by the local state government under the leadership of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The new pension scheme for implementation has been approved by the state Cabinet and Trinamool Congress led government.

With an aim to help people provide with funds after retirement or at the time of need, the State government of Bengal has announced to launch special pension scheme for its people. As per statements under the new scheme beneficiaries will be offered with financial assistance. The state government has announced to provide pension to the beneficiaries offering them with financial relief.

Under National Social Assistance Programme, several crores of people receive financial aid from the government. Senior citizens, widows, disabled people mainly receive assistance. Bengal’s ‘quota’ in this programme is 21.31 lakh. However, the number of eligible people is 23.4 lakh. The State’s repeated requests for increasing the quota have fallen on deaf ears. Moreover, as per the new guidelines by Centre, 1.15 lakh people in rural areas would lose these pensions.

Directorate of Pension, Provident Fund and Group insurance is the implementing agency for this new pension scheme. The primary objective is to extend the benefit of e-governance to the pensioners of recognized non governmental aided institutions, Panchayat, Municipality etc.

Under this scheme, around 3.25 lakh people who are going to lose their pension as per the west bengal pension order can apply for this Special Pension Scheme to continue receiving pension.

West Bengal Special Pension Scheme – Details

Under National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP), several crore people across the country receive financial aid (pension) from the Central government. These pensioners includes mainly Senior Citizens, Widows, Person’s with Disabilities (PWDs). In NSAP Scheme, West Bengal quota of persons is 21.31 lakh. However, the eligible number of pensioners in West Bengal are 23.4 lakh.

West Bengal govt. is consistently making efforts to resolve this issue with the central govt. but has got no response. Moreover as per the new guidelines of Central govt. around 1.15 lakh people in the rural areas are also going to lose their pension.

So, West Bengal govt. has decided to launch a new scheme of its own to benefit around 3.25 lakh people. Under this scheme, state govt. will provide all the funds. Moreover, West Bengal govt. has directed all the Panchayats to make list of people who are losing their pension. After the list is prepared, govt. will enroll them under the Bengal Special Pension Scheme. Thus, these people will continue receiving pension from govt.

Furthermore, govt. will set up a grievance redressal system to ensure benefit of financial aid goes to the pensioners.


Key Features

  • As per the latest statements made by the sources, the new pension scheme is expected to offer with financial assistance to over three lakh beneficiaries within the state of Bengal (W.Bengal).
  • The state government has made it very clear that the new scheme will be implemented with an aim to target only specific category of the people within West Bengal state. This also means that the entire funding under the pension scheme will be done officially by state government resources.
  • As per the latest stats collected by the government the scheme has been designed with an aim to offer assistance to 3.24 lakh beneficiaries by the implementation of the program.
  • The government has announced the launch of the new scheme as crores of beneficiaries have already benefitted earlier under government run National Social Assistance program. As per the government a similar type of scheme was launched earlier by the state government. Under the drive people belonging to different categories including aged, women and widow along with Handicapped individuals were offered with benefit in the form of pension.
  • Even with the above mentioned implementation the state government has stated that it shall still be in need to implement more number of such beneficiary programs to help cover more beneficiaries within the rural areas as well.
  • With present scheme implemented the government has announced that over 1.15 lakh individuals from the rural areas will still not yet be covered under the state government pension scheme program. These are a set of people who will be losing their complete pension amounts as they will not be covered under the scheme.
  • The government has already instructed the Panchayati Raj state wide to help prepare a complete list of all beneficiaries who shall not be covered under this scheme so that the financial loses can be offered to them by the state government.

WB Pension Status Enquiry

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The West Bengal state government is aiming at covering more number of rural people under the scheme so more number of individuals can be full benefit of such pension plans introduced by the government.



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